Appliance Retailers Can Offer Financing with Finturf

Offer your customers in-store POS financing with Finturf. We partner with appliance and electronics retailers to offer an easy in-store solution for point-of-sale (POS) financing. Our waterfall algorithm and extensive local lending network work with all types of credit scores and can minimize applicant rejection rate, significantly increasing your sales and revenue.

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Financing Options Upon Checkout

Appliances financing has never been more accessible thanks to the hassle-free process our software offers to your customers. Providing your shoppers a financing option upon checkout can create repeat customers, leading to more consistent revenue.

By incorporating Finturf into your business, you can provide the following POS financing options:

Buy now pay later mattress
Lease to own
Split payments
Installment loans
Low APR financing

Electronics Financing

With Finturf, you can offer your customers easy in-store POS financing solutions.

Upon checkout, you can inform your customers about your financing option. Here's how it works. Your sales associate collects your customers' information, entering it into Finturf's financing software. Your customers can also fill out the request through their phone with our app. They would select your store during the request process.

Our Loan Request Process

Using our web-based platform to request financing on behalf of your customers is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  • Enter a little bit of information from the customer, like their name and income source.
  • Submit their loan request to Finturf's network of lenders
  • Find out in minutes if a lender accepts the request

If the customer is approved for a loan, you can sell them the appliance that day and receive the funding directly from the lender within three to five business days.

Why Finturf?

Here are some of the benefits of working with us.

Easy Setup

Setup is easy. Finturf's technicians will help you set up our cloud-based software in less than an hour.

Hassle-Free Loan Request

The entire loan request process is designed to be as easy as possible for both you and your customers.

It only takes a few minutes to fill out a Finturf loan request and receive a real-time response. If approved, the consumer walks out of the store with the appliance.

Local Financing

If any of your customers do not qualify for POS financing, there may be other options. Finturf can try to connect your customers with a local brick-and-mortar loan provider. Upon approval, they can return to your store and complete the purchase.

Mobile App

Our mobile app helps merchants gain new customers. Many shoppers request POS financing for appliance lenders through Finturf's mobile app. During the loan request process, the customer may discover and select your appliance store. Upon approval, the lender will send the funding to you.

High approval rates

Our extensive network of lenders works with all credit types, which means more opportunities for your customers to receive financing.

Waterfall Algorithm

If the customer is not connected to the first lender, then the request will move down Finturf's ping-tree to the second lender, then the third, and so on, increasing the likelihood that a lender will eventually accept the loan.

Soft Inquiries

Our network of lenders uses soft credit inquiries to check the credit score of your customers. A soft credit inquiry does not impact a consumer's credit score.

Fast money transfer

If a consumer is connected with a lender and approved for a loan, you do not need to wait until they have paid back the loan to get your funds. You can receive your loan funds upfront and in full in three to five business days.

No Stress

When your customer connects with a lender, the loan provider is responsible for the paperwork, credit risks, and potential late payments — not you, the merchant.

Full performance reporting

Our user-friendly dashboard lets merchants filter by pending, pre-approved, and rejected requests. The reports show information by location and salesperson.


We keep our cloud-based software, dashboard, and reporting tools up-to-date to ensure the best possible performance. We also take special care to maintain a reputable lending network.

White label service

Merchants who use Finturf can rebrand and customize our platform to include their company's logo, color scheme, and other design attributes.

24/7 client support

Our customer support team is ready to assist you at any time of the day.

Easy to Use

We offer free onboarding with a simple setup process. From there, our system is very intuitive. Simply point and click to check reports, review inquiries, and submit a new request for appliance financing.

Finturf Success Stories

Here are some of the ways that our software has helped appliance merchants just like you.

Higher Conversion Rates and Wider Customer Base

Many customers expect to use a store's financing program to make a purchase. Retailers that don't offer POS solutions can lose these customers who would have otherwise made a purchase. Our clients may see their conversion rates and customer base increase because they meet today's shoppers' needs.

Better Online Results

Our technology works for e-commerce, too. Our clients may see an increase in organic traffic from customers searching for local mattress financing.

Compete in Your Industry

Offering your customers financing options can encourage them to make larger purchases at your store. Our clients can get a leg up on their competition, especially those who do not offer a way to pay for appliances bit by bit over time.

Get Started with Finturf

After implementing our POS financing solution, you can let your customers know that they can buy the mattress they want now and pay later.

Finturf's financing option may be able to increase your mattress sales thanks to our vast network of lenders that work with all credit types. To start generating more revenue, complete our merchant signup form to speak with a team member.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the average loan request take?
Requesting a loan using our software only takes a few minutes.
When do merchants get their funds?
A merchant may receive funds three to five days after a consumer is approved for a loan. The customer does not need to start repaying the loan for the merchant to receive the funds
If a customer is having difficulty in making on-time payments, is the merchant responsible?
The merchant doesn't bear any responsibility for late or missed payments. It is between the lender and the borrower to solve any financial issues.
How can merchants get access to Finturf?
Merchants can add Finturf financing to their store by speaking with a member of the Finturf support team. We offer free onboarding with a simple setup process.
What information does the system dashboard provide to merchants?
Merchants receive a report on all the requests placed through Finturf. They can filter by pending, pre-approved, and rejected requests. They also have reports based on salespeople and locations. This information can help a merchant know who to market to, as the merchant will see the customer type most likely to receive financing.
Does Finturf's dashboard allow merchants to see the stock on hand?
The Finturf system is independent of other software that a business may use, such as inventory software.
What do I do if I forgot my user ID, password, or am locked out of my account?
Finturf offers 24/7 customer service to merchants. If you have any questions about your setup, you can reach out to your account manager through phone or email.