Finturf: Point of Sale (POS)
Financing Software & Local Lending Network

Convert more customers at checkout with Finturf, a POS financing solution powered by local lending options. Help your customers buy now and pay later. Learn more below.

How Does It Work?

The merchant or service provider uses Finturf to request funding for the customer
Finturf sends the loan request to its network of lending companies
A lender may accept the request and eventually show the customer a financing agreement
If the customer is approved, the merchant receives the funding directly within three to five business days

Why Merchants Need Finturf

Stores and service providers looking to increase sales with POS loan options need to look no further than Finturf.

Finturf connects customers to financing during checkout. Unlike other POS lending software, Finturf’s waterfall algorithm and extensive local lending network minimizes rejection rates, which leads to more sales and revenue for you.

How Your Customers Can Use Finturf

For consumers looking to finance their purchases, Finturf is a POS platform that helps them try to find a loan during checkout. Here is how consumers can interact with the Finturf POS software:

In-store POS system

The customer requests a loan from a member of your sales staff, who enters their information into the Finturf software. We perform a soft credit check to avoid harming the customer's credit score.

Finturf’s web UI for Merchant’s sales people access

App solution

The customer downloads the Finturf app to request funding for purchase at your store.

API for field services or CRM software – Finturf can be integrated into the field service or CRM system you are currently using.

Customers can apply directly by choosing you as a Merchant in their Finturf app

Upon approval, the lender presents a breakdown of the payment plan options, terms, and conditions. According to the agreed-upon terms, the lender collects the balance and fees over time.

Let Us Deliver Applicants to Your Door

For banks, fintech, and local lenders offering POS financing, Finturf is a platform that generates POS financing leads. Unlike some POS marketplace platforms, Finturf provides merchant underwriting and lead exclusivity.

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