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We partner with B2B platforms, consultants, independent sales organizations, and referral partners with large merchant networks. By joining Finturf’s referral program you can significantly increase your revenue per lead and help your merchants close 30% more sales.

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Who We Work With

B2B Platforms

Existing B2B platforms with large merchant channels connect with Finturf’s API to access our point-of-sale financing solution. As a result, this allows B2B platforms to customize their merchant-facing experience.

Independent Sales Organizations (ISO)

Sales teams benefit from a range of affiliate solutions, including white-label services and additional opportunities to monetize their network.

Merchant Networks

Partners who have a merchant network can access Finturf’s technology to offer a point-of-sale financing solution to their merchants, contractors, and providers.


Finturf offers partnered consultants better monetization opportunities. You can customize financing solutions for your partner network using Finturf’s technology.

Referral Partners

In addition to monetization opportunities, Finturf’s referral partners can also participate in a revenue sharing model.

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Why Finturf?

Through Finturf, partners maximize their revenue per lead by connecting to a network that offers better lead monetization opportunities.

Waterfall platform

Thanks to our multi-lender network, your conversion rates can significantly improve. Our waterfall and ping-tree algorithm optimize the application process. If an applicant is not connected with the first provider, their request moves through our system to additional providers.

High Approval Rates

Many of the lenders in Finturf’s network work with all credit types, increasing the likelihood of applicants finding financing. In turn, higher applicant approval translates into more sales for referred merchants and a higher amount of revenue sharing for partners.

Single Application

With Finturf, you sign up once and gain access to a single portal, application dashboard, and merchant network.

Dedicated Support Team

Finturf’s relationship team onboards new partners, offers one-on-one training, and provides ongoing support through monthly meetings. Additionally, our hands-on account managers personalize Finturf's services to your needs, helping you grow.

Fast Referral Commission

All our partners receive their commission once a referred merchant successfully signs up with Finturf using a partner’s unique referral link.

Quick Setup

Onboarding, white-labeling, and API integration is completed within a few hours after a partner is approved.

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Integration Solutions

White-Label Services

We develop the front- and back-end and host a fully custom branded platform for our partners. Finturf also provides customer service under your brand, a dedicated phone number, and email with your domain.

API Integration

Finturf’s partners can also integrate their front-end software to our back-end platform. We offer a simple-to-use API that allows you to connect with our application processing system and lending network.

Referral Link

We provide partners with an affiliate link to our registration page, which they can share with their merchants. Finturf’s partners will then receive a share of the revenue from the applications submitted by referred merchants.

Custom Integration

Partners can customize Finturf’s platform and API to fit their needs. Customizations include white-label solutions with single sign-on options or other modifications based on your requests.