Plumbing Financing & Payment Plans For Your Customers

Finturf specializes in empowering plumbing contractors with turnkey, point-of-sale (POS) financing solutions – with the help of Finturf, contractors can now offer affordable funding options directly to their clients. Contractors who offer flexible financing options enable homeowners to invest in their plumbing needs with manageable payment plans.

In turn, contractors attract a larger clientele, increase revenue through higher-ticket projects, and enjoy greater client satisfaction. Partner with Finturf to begin offering plumbing financing solutions directly to your clients.

Benefits of Offering Plumbing Financing

Finturf’s plumbing customer financing empowers your business to become a full-service contractor that meets your clients’ home improvement and financing needs. Here’s how partnering with Finturf can elevate your plumbing service offerings:

Alternative Financing Options

Provide your plumbing customers with various financing paths, catering to diverse customer needs. With manageable installments, you can turn costly overhauls into affordable payments. You can offer your customer the following types of financing for their plumbing needs:

  • Personal loans
  • Installment loans
  • Lines of credit
  • Low APR loans
  • Financing for plumbing repairs
  • Split payments
  • Plumbing payment plans

Competitive Edge

Leverage Finturf’s plumbing customer financing to give your business a competitive advantage. This helps you attract customers by enabling homeowners to invest in necessary plumbing services without significant upfront costs. Finturf’s financing solution can empower your business to cater to your clients' financing and home improvement needs, setting you above the competition.

Improved Cash Flow

Our stage funding feature is crafted to bolster your plumbing projects, offering payments at key milestones throughout the project's lifecycle. This structured payment system provides you with the financial flexibility to acquire plumbing materials and fixtures, and to fairly compensate your workforce, reducing the impact of initial expenses. Instead of waiting for full funding at project completion, stage funding streamlines cash flow for your plumbing business.

Higher Revenue

Plumbing payment plans open the door for more extensive projects, enticing clients with affordability and boosting your work scope. This flexibility elevates your service reach and increases income, enhancing your plumbing business’s financial health.

Client Acquisition

With plumber financing options, your business can draw in more customers who might otherwise hesitate due to cost concerns. With plumbing repair financing, you can convert more quotes into completed projects, tapping into a market eager for flexible payment solutions.

Customer Satisfaction

Offering in-house payment plans through plumbing customer financing boosts client satisfaction by providing a stress-free way to cover repair costs. This convenience, in turn, often translates into positive reviews and referrals.

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Why Finturf?

Finturf makes plumbing financing straightforward for your business and customers. Here’s why Finturf is the right choice for your plumbing business:
Easy Setup

Our cloud-based POS financing software integrates effortlessly into your existing systems. Finturf’s expert team ensures it’s up and running in less than an hour, allowing you to start submitting requests quickly.

Waterfall Algorithm

Finturf partners with a large lender network that offers various financing options, terms, and promotional offers. If your client isn’t connected to the first lender in our network, their request is routed to other providers. Thanks to our multi-lender framework, your clients can explore more financing opportunities for plumbing services.

All Credit Types Welcome

Our network of lenders accommodates a spectrum of credit profiles, from superprime to subprime. This inclusivity enhances the likelihood that your clients find a plumbing financing solution that fits their needs.

Hassle-Free Funding Request

Finturf’s streamlined platform allows for quick plumbing financing requests and fast on-screen results, minimizing wait times and enhancing customer service.

Change Orders

Our change order feature enables plumbers to adjust financing amounts, responding to unexpected complications such as additional repairs or unique customer requirements. Whether it's a simple leak fix that evolves into a full pipe replacement or a custom installation request, our feature supports seamless financial adjustments. This ensures projects proceed without interruption, keeping budgets on track and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Underwriting Support

Focus on your plumbing expertise while our lenders handle the logistics. Our partnered lenders manage credit checks, underwriting, loan funding, and defaults, relieving you from these administrative tasks.

Service Upgrades

Count on the latest features, an ever-growing lending network, and top-tier security with Finturf. We regularly update our platform and services, ensuring your plumbing financing offerings remain cutting-edge.

Technical Support and Training

Our dedicated IT team is available 24/7 to assist with technical roadblocks. Moreover, our merchant relationship team can provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to help you get the most value from Finturf.

Get Started with Finturf

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