Merchants Offer Customer Financing with Finturf

Offer your customers in-store POS financing with Finturf. We partner with retailers to offer an easy in-store solution for point-of-sale (POS) financing. Our waterfall algorithm and extensive online and local lending network can maximize the applicant approval rate, significantly increasing your sales and revenue.

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Financing Options Upon Checkout

Providing your shoppers a financing option upon checkout can create repeat customers, leading to more consistent revenue. And POS financing more easily accessible thanks to the hassle-free process our platform offers to you and your customers.

By incorporating Finturf into your business, you can provide the following financing options:

Buy now pay later
Lease to own
Split payments
Installment loans

Getting Started with Finturf

No matter how small your operation, our technology makes it easy to offer an in-store customer financing solution.

Ready to sign up? We make onboarding simple, even if you aren't tech-savvy. Here's how to get started:

Reach out to us using the contact form on this page. One of our team members will contact you as soon as possible. Our goal will be to get you on our merchant portal, so you can start letting your customers buy now and pay later.

Our Loan Request Process

Using our web-based platform to help your customer request financing is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1 Collect

Enter a little bit of information from the customer, like their name and income source.

2 Submit

Ask them to use their mobile phone to send the financing request to Finturf’s partnered lenders.

3 Finance

Find out in minutes if the lender accepts the request and pre-approves the customer for a loan, line of credit, or another form of financing.

If the customer is approved for point-of-sale financing, the funds are sent directly to the merchant.

Why Merchants Need Finturf

Stores and service providers looking to increase sales with customer financing options need to look no further than Finturf.

Finturf connects customers to financing during checkout. Unlike other POS lending software, Finturf’s waterfall algorithm and extensive local lending network minimizes rejection rates, which leads to more sales and revenue for you.

Finturf's Merchant Success Team

New merchants enjoy easy onboarding, one-on-one training, and ongoing support through monthly meetings. Additionally, our dedicated account managers personalize Finturf's services to your needs, helping you grow and achieve your goals.

How Your Customers Can Use Finturf

For consumers looking to finance their purchases, Finturf is a financing request platform that helps customers find funding options during checkout.

Here is how consumers can interact with Finturf POS software:

In-store POS system

The customer submits a funding request through the Finturf portal. We perform a soft credit check to avoid harming the customer's credit score.

Finturf’s web UI for in-store POS financing access

App solution

The customer downloads the Finturf app to request funding for purchase at your store.

Finturf can be integrated into the field service or CRM system you are currently using.

Customers can apply directly by choosing you as a Merchant in their Finturf app

If approved, the lender presents the borrower with a breakdown of the payment plan options, terms, and conditions. According to the agreed-upon terms, the lender collects the balance and fees over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information does the consumer need to provide to request POS financing?

It only takes a few minutes to fill out the Finturf form, which requires a little bit of personal, employment, and banking information from the consumer.

Does Finturf’s lending system help in stock turnover?

Providing a financing option may increase sales. Customers who were unable to purchase a product due to a lack of funds may be able to with POS financing. Even merchants that already have a financing option may be able to increase sales with Finturf, thanks to our vast network of lenders that work with all credit types.

Do merchants benefit from the interest rate of the loan?

A lower interest rate may result in a higher likelihood of making a sale. However, neither the merchant nor Finturf can control the interest rates. Finturf is not a lender. We work with a network of lenders. While we cannot guarantee a low interest rate, many of our clients see higher accept rates thanks to the size of our network and our local lending options. Local lenders are often better suited to offer credit to those with lower credit scores.

Does Finturf work with international merchants?

Not at this time. Finturf currently only works with companies operating in the U.S.

Is Finturf easy to use?

Our system is straightforward for both the merchant and the customer. Customers can request POS financing in one of two ways. First, the merchant can use the Finturf Merchant Portal to start a funding request for the consumer. The customer offers a little information about themselves, and then is sent a link to confirm and submit the request. The customer sees a funding decision within minutes. Or, the customer can fill out the entire financing request through their phone. During the request process, the consumer will select the merchant, and the funding will be sent directly to the merchant upon approval.

How can merchants get access to Finturf?

Merchants can add Finturf financing to their store by speaking with a member of the Finturf support team. We offer free onboarding with a simple setup process.

What information does the system dashboard provide to merchants?

Merchants receive a report on all the requests placed through Finturf. They can filter by pending, pre-approved, and rejected requests. They also have reports based on salespeople and locations. This information can help a merchant know who to market to, as the merchant will see the customer type most likely to receive financing.

Does the dashboard allow merchants to know the stock on hand?

The Finturf system is independent of other software that the merchant may use, such as inventory software.

Does the system need maintenance or updates periodically? If yes, how much will it cost?

Finturf updates its software to ensure the best possible performance. These updates are free for the user.

Does Finturf offer live chats with customers?

No, Finturf does not currently have a live chat feature to interact with customers. However, client support is available 24/7. If the merchant ever needs help, they can reach out at any time of the day through phone or email.

How can merchants get in touch with their customers through Finturf?

The merchant cannot use Finturf to reach out to their customers. If a consumer downloads the Finturf app, they can select the merchant’s name during the financing request process. If connected with a POS lender and approved for funding, the money may go directly to the merchant. If the customer needs to contact the merchant, they should reach out to the merchant directly.

Does Finturf offer 24/7 customer service?

Yes, Finturf offers 24/7 customer service to the merchant and the lender, but not to the customer.

How much does the average loan request take?

The financing request process only takes a few minutes.