Merchants Consumer Financing with Finturf

Finturf partners with merchants, service providers, and contractors to help them provide financing directly to their customers and clients. As a result, our multi-lender, point-of-sale (POS) financing solution boosts sales, increases revenue, and improves customer acquisition efforts.

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Merchant Financing Options Upon Checkout

Providing your customers and clients with financing options can lead to more consistent revenue. Also, Finturf’s consumer financing for merchants is more accessible thanks to the hassle-free process our platform offers to you and your clients. By incorporating Finturf into your business, you can provide the following financing options:

Buy now pay later
Lease to own
Split payments
Installment loans
Personal loans
Direct-to-consumer loans
Guarantee programs
Lines of credit
Direct-to-merchant financing

Get Started with Finturf

No matter what industry you serve, our technology makes it easy to provide consumer financing for merchants.

Ready to sign up? We make onboarding simple, even if you aren’t tech-savvy. Here’s how to get started:

Reach out to us using the contact form on this page. One of our team members will contact you to walk you through the sign-up process. Finturf’s team also handles the integrations for approved merchants, service providers, and contractors.

Our Loan Request Process

Using our web-based platform to help your customers and clients request financing is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1 Collect

Enter the customer or client’s personal and financial information into the request form.

2 Submit

Your customer or client will receive an email or SMS to finalize and submit the request. Once the applicant has reviewed the information, they will submit the request to Finturf’s partnered lenders.

3 Finance

Within a few minutes, the applicant should receive on-screen results. If the applicant is approved, the lender’s information will be displayed along with their qualified financing amount, terms, rates, and conditions.

Why Merchants Need Finturf

POS financing is a win-win for your business and clients, and here’s how:

Increases Revenue

Flexible payment options mean more consumers and clients are inclined to do business with you. Additionally, catering to your customers’ and clients’ budgets can help increase the likelihood they finalize large-sum purchases and treatments, meaning more sales and revenue for you.

Improves Competitive Edge

Merchant financing has changed the way consumers and clients pay for products and services. More than ever, customers and clients are looking for flexible ways to pay for large-sum purchases and treatments. As such, merchants, service providers, and contractors that offer merchant financing attract more clients than the competition.

Boosts Cash Flow

When partnering with Finturf, merchants, service providers, and contractors don’t have to wait to receive funding. Instead, your funds will be disbursed in full within two to three business days.

Promotes Client Acquisition and Satisfaction

Consumers and clients often put off large-sum purchases and treatments because they cannot afford the upfront costs. However, with flexible financing options, they no longer have to.

Similarly, Finturf works with an extensive lender network, increasing the likelihood that your customers and clients find financing options. Likewise, some lenders in our network may also be willing to work with damaged credit applicants.

In turn, retailers, service providers, and contractors offering merchant financing benefit from higher client acquisition rates and satisfaction.

How Your Customers Can Use Finturf

Here’s how your customers and clients can interact with Finturf’s POS platform:

In-store POS system

Your customers and clients can submit a funding request through Finturf’s portal. First, we will perform a soft credit check to avoid harming their score. The applicant’s request will then be routed to our partnered lenders.

Finturf’s web UI for in-store POS financing access

App solution

Similarly, the applicant can download Finturf’s app to request funding on the go. Once the applicant finalizes and submits their request, the information is sent to our network of lenders.

Finturf’s platform can be integrated into the field service or CRM software you are currently using.

Customers can apply directly by choosing you as a Merchant in their Finturf app

If approved, the lender presents the borrower with a breakdown of the payment plan options, terms, and conditions. Then, according to the agreed-upon terms, the lender directly collects the balance and fees from the borrower.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Merchant Financing?

Merchant financing is a type of funding solution that allows retailers, service providers, and contractors to offer payment options directly to their customers and clients. These funding options allow customers and clients to receive the products and services they need without any obligation to pay upfront or in full.

Instead, consumers and clients are given the flexibility to pay in smaller monthly installments. Typically, merchant financing is offered for big-ticket items and services, such as furniture and appliances, home improvement projects, and medical treatments.

How Does Merchant Financing Work?

If you want to start offering POS financing, the process works as follows:

  • The customer or client selects the goods or services they want to purchase using merchant financing.
  • The customer or client then completes and submits Finturf’s financing request form. This can be done with the help of the merchant in-store or on the Finturf app.
  • The applicant’s request form is routed to Finturf’s network of lenders. Lenders will review the information provided to determine whether the applicant qualifies for financing.
  • If the applicant is approved, the lender’s information and financing options will be displayed to the customer or client.
  • The borrower will select a financing option and work with the lender directly to make repayments.
  • The funds will be disbursed to the merchant, service provider, or contractor in full within two to three business days.

How Much Does Merchant Financing Cost?

With Finturf, merchants, service providers, and contractors do not pay monthly fees to access the platform. However, we receive payment if we successfully connect your customers or clients with a lender in our network. These fees vary depending on the industry and lending product. Prospective merchants can inquire about fees by speaking with a team member.

What are the Benefits of Consumer Financing for Merchants?

Consumer financing for merchants is a win-win for your business and clients. Here are some of the ways your customers and clients benefit:

  • Finturf’s multi-lender network may increase the likelihood that your clients and customers will find financing. This is because some lenders in our network may be willing to work with damaged credit types.
  • Your clients and customers won’t have to forego large purchases or necessary treatments because of a lack of financing. Instead, they may find flexible repayment options.
  • Finturf’s request process is quick and hassle-free. The online form can be completed in-store or online. Results are often displayed in a few minutes.

Similarly, here are the benefits to merchants, service providers, and contractors:

  • Merchants that cater to their customers’ and clients’ financial needs experience higher customer satisfaction rates.
  • Similarly, offering flexible financing options can improve customer acquisition efforts and place you ahead of the competition. Consumers are more likely to seek products and services from merchants that provide them with budget-friendly payment options.
  • Rather than forego purchases, merchant financing can encourage consumers to make large-sum purchases or add-ons. In turn, this increases your business’s revenue, sales, and cash flow.

What Information Does the Consumer Need to Provide to Request POS Financing?

It only takes a few minutes to fill out Finturf’s financing request form. It requires some personal, employment, and financial information from the applicant.

Do Merchants Benefit from the Interest Rate of the Loan?

A lower interest rate may result in a higher likelihood of making a sale. However, neither the merchant nor Finturf can control interest rates. Finturf is not a lender. Instead, we work with a network of lenders.

While we cannot guarantee a low-interest rate, many of our clients see higher acceptance rates thanks to the size of our lender network.

Does Finturf Work with International Merchants?

Unfortunately, Finturf does not work with international merchants at this time. We only work with companies operating within the U.S.

Is Finturf Easy to Use?

Our system is straightforward for both the merchant and client. Customers can request POS financing in one of two ways.

First, the merchant can use Finturf’s portal to start a funding request for the consumer or client. The applicant offers personal and financial information and is then sent a link to confirm and submit the request.

Conversely, the applicant can fill out the entire financing request through the app. During the request process, the client or consumer will select the merchant, service provider, or contractor.

How Can Merchants Access Finturf?

Merchants can integrate Finturf’s platform by speaking with a member of our team. We offer onboarding with a simple setup process.

What Information Does the System Dashboard Provide to Merchants?

Merchants, service providers, and contractors receive a report on all the requests placed through Finturf. They can filter by pending, pre-approved, and rejected requests. Additionally, they can also access reports based on team members and locations.

Does the System Need Maintenance or Updates Periodically?

Finturf regularly updates its dashboard, reporting tools, and lender network.

Does Finturf Offer 24/7 Customer Service?

Yes. Finturf offers 24/7 customer service to merchants, service providers, contractors, and lenders.

How Long Does the Average Loan Request Take?

Typically, the loan request process takes a few minutes to complete. Similarly, most applicants receive on-screen results in a few minutes.