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Finturf’s one-app contractor financing solution allows you to:

  • Tap into a vast network of reputable lenders offering over 85% approval rates
  • Help your clients start their home improvement projects sooner and with less financial strain
  • Secure larger projects
  • Increase revenue
  • Enjoy a competitive advantage that leads to more client acquisitions and satisfaction
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What is Contractor Financing?

Contractor financing lets you offer flexible payment options directly to your clients. These options eliminate the barriers of hefty upfront payments, so your clients can commit to home renovations and upgrades without worrying about large out-of-pocket expenses.
When you offer a financing option, your clients can apply for the money for renovations, upgrades, or repairs. If your client is approved, the lender sends the money directly to you, and your client pays the lender back over time.

As a contractor offering financing, you are a full-service provider. You help your clients break down large home projects into smaller, manageable payments, which helps you close deals faster, cater to a broad range of clients, increase market reach, and boost project volumes.

How to Offer Financing as a Contractor

Let’s look at how to remove hurdles for your clients and accelerate your project timelines with contractor financing. Here are the steps:

1. Start by choosing Finturf as your SaaS provider specializing in home improvement financing. As a Finturf contractor, you would have access to our POS financing software and lender network.

2. With Finturf in your toolbelt, you can show your clients the contractor financing options that are available through our SaaS platform. Your clients can apply for financing on the spot through an online application embedded in your website or our digital interface.

3. Once submitted, your client’s application will enter our lender network. This process is quick and often provides on-screen prequalifications in real time.

4. Your client would explore the contractor financing offers to find an option that fits their budget and renovation goals.

5. If approved, the funds can be disbursed directly to you upon project completion or in stages. Your clients repay the loan to the lender over time.

Benefits of Offering Contractor Financing

Finturf’s financing solutions help your clients afford their dream projects, but it also enhances your business performance. Here are the key benefits of partnering with us to offer contractor financing:

Higher Revenue

Making home improvement projects more affordable can increase average project sizes and overall work volume. This allows clients to expand their visions and budgets, directly boosting your revenue potential.

Better Cash Flow

You receive funds upfront, even if your clients pay in monthly installments. This way, you can manage expenses and invest in future projects without waiting for client payments.

Competitive Edge

Our turnkey solution transforms you into a full-service provider with project expertise and financial solutions. Contractor financing options make your company more attractive to clients looking for high-quality services with flexible payment options.

Increased Customer Acquisition

By offering financing, you make your services more accessible to a broader audience, including those who might not have considered starting a project due to financial constraints.

Stage Funding

Funds are released as you hit project milestones, helping you maintain cash flow and ensure smooth project progression without financial hiccups.

Change Orders

If the project exceeds original estimates, you can adjust the funding amount post-approval.

One Platform

Apply, manage, and track applications through one portal with 24/7 technical support and comprehensive analytics.

Control Over Costs and Lender Relationships

Choose which financing offers to present to your clients and select the lenders you prefer to work with. Our lenders also offer a range of merchant fees you can control and choose.

Full Reporting

Gain deep insights into customer financing data to better understand trends and drive decision-making.

For Customers

Here’s how we cater specifically to your clients:

High Approval Rates

Our expansive and reputable lending network boasts an impressive 85% approval rate.

Inclusive Credit Solutions

Our lenders cater to a broad spectrum of credit profiles, helping more of your clients access the contractor financing they need.

Expansive Financing Options and Competitive Rates

Our lenders offer financing up to $100,000, with low rates at 10.99%.

Contractors Can Offer Financing for These Home Improvement Services:


Do you have additional questions about how Finturf’s customer financing for contractors could help businesses like yours? Check out our FAQs:

Do I Have to Manage Applications and Repayments?

No. Our partnered lenders handle all the logistics of financing, including credit assessments, underwriting, funding, repayments, and potential defaults.

Can Contractors Track the Status of Financing Applications Through Finturf's Platform?

Yes. Finturf provides partnered contractors with access to our all-in-one Merchant Platform. Here, you can view financing metrics and analytics and track application statuses. You can monitor applications by pending, pre-qualified, approved, and funded.

What Training and Support Does Finturf Offer to Contractors New to Offering Financing?

Our partnered contractors have access to 24/7 IT support for assistance with technical issues. We also have a hands-on Merchant Success Team that offers one-on-one consultation and training services, including monthly check-ins.

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