Vision & LASIK Eye Surgery Financing for Patients

With a multi-lender financing solution from Finturf, your clients can now set their sights on more affordable vision care.

Your patients no longer have to forgo necessary vision care or elective treatment because they cannot afford the full cost of the services. When clinics partner with Finturf, they are given the tools to offer in-house payment options, such as laser eye surgery financing.

Benefits of Offering Vision Financing

Here are some of the top benefits clinics enjoy when integrating Finturf’s payment solution:

Alternative Vision Care Financing

With Finturf’s point-of-sale financing platform, ophthalmologists and their clinics can offer clients hassle-free:

  • LASIK eye surgery financing
  • Cataract surgery financing
  • Routine vision screening loans
  • Funding for lenses
  • Payment plans for conductive keratoplasty
  • General ophthalmic or ocular surgery funding

Thanks to Finturf, your patients get the vision care they need now without any of the obligation to pay upfront. Instead, they’re given a flexible pay-over-time option, and your clinic enjoys better patient satisfaction, revenue, and cash flow.

Competitive Edge

Unlike other healthcare providers that don’t offer POS financing, your clinic can become an industry leader by integrating Finturf’s payment solution. As a result, your patients gain more accessibility to elective and non-elective vision care and financing, such as LASIK payment plans.

Client Acquisition

As the cost of treatment increases, an unfortunate number of patients are looking for budget-friendly alternatives. With an in-house financing solution, your clinic can better cater to your patients’ financial and treatment needs, increasing client acquisition efforts.

Better Cash Flow

Even though your patients have the freedom to pay over time with Finturf, you don’t have to worry about delayed payments for services rendered. If a patient is approved for vision or LASIK financing, you’ll receive the funds in two to three business days.

Higher Revenue

With Finturf’s payment solution, your clinic can make vision care more accessible and affordable for patients. As a result, you can grow your clientele, provide more care, and boost revenue.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Undoubtedly, providing top-notch vision care is the number one way to ensure patient satisfaction. However, another surefire method is working with your clients to offer a flexible payment plan.

In addition to LASIK financing, your patients can also find funding for general vision care. Your clients may be approved for the following:

  • Installment loans
  • Lines of credit
  • Personal loans
  • Guarantee programs
  • Split payments
  • Low APR loans
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Why Finturf?

Wondering why Finturf is the right POS financing solution for you? Here are some of our perks:
Easy Setup

We understand that your clinic’s primary concern is ensuring patient care. As such, you may not have the time to integrate a financing solution. Luckily, Finturf’s team takes care of all the heavy lifting for you. Simply use our cloud-based platform for end-to-end financing.

Waterfall Algorithm

Finturf partners with a network of lenders, meaning your patients have more opportunities to find vision financing. If the patient is not connected to the first lender in our network, their request moves to the following lenders.

All Credit Types

In addition to increasing the likelihood of finding LASIK financing options, a multi-lender network also may consider all credit types. Many of our partnered financers may be open to working with super-prime and subprime patients.

Hassle-Free Funding Request

Your patients can complete their financing requests online through Finturf’s hassle-free form. This initial request will not negatively affect your client’s credit as we only conduct a soft credit check. In most cases, patients receive on-screen results in minutes.

Underwriting Support

Finturf’s financing platform is a turnkey solution that is plug-in-and-play ready. As a result, we provide your clinic with all the resources necessary for in-house funding. Our partnered lenders step in to handle all the logistics, including processing, underwriting, and funding loans. In turn, your clinic is never on the line for paperwork, late payments, or credit risks associated with vision financing.

Service Upgrades

Our product development team regularly updates our platform for top performance, including dashboard, reporting tools, and lender network optimizations.

Technical Support and Training

Finturf’s IT team is available 24/7 to resolve technical issues you may encounter. Additionally, we maintain a dedicated team of account managers. Our hands-on merchant relationship team provides training, ongoing support, and consultation services to all partnered clinics.

Get Started with Finturf

Give your patients a better way to pay for vision care by partnering with Finturf. Our flexible payment solution is a win-win for providers and their patients. Reach out to a team member to discuss integrating Finturf’s platform.

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