Offer Hair Transplant Financing to Your Patients

What if your hair restoration practice could help patients look their best with a flexible financing option? Even better, offering in-house financing to your patients could boost your clinic’s revenue. Finturf’s financing solution can make this a reality. Integrating our financing solution can help make hair transplants more affordable and accessible to your clients and improve your clinic’s cash flow.

With a multi-lender, point-of-sale (POS) financing solution, you can transform your practice into a full-service provider – offering quality procedures and flexible payment options. Finturf’s hair transplant financing solution can empower your practice to boost revenue, client acquisition, and satisfaction.

Benefits of Offering Hair Transplant Financing

Partnering with Finturf unlocks an array of advantages for both your practice and your patients:

Diverse Financing Options

Finturf partners with a large lender network that offers a wide range of hair transplant financing options, terms, amounts, rates, and promotions. Our partnered lenders help make hair transplants more affordable through personal loans, hair transplant payment plans, installment loans, hair transplant surgery financing, and low APR loans.

Competitive Edge

In today's healthcare, patients look for clinics that merge convenience with compassionate care. Finturf's financing options help your practice stand out by meeting the need for flexible payments and emphasizing patient care. Offering in-house hair transplant financing options can enhance your clinic's appeal.

Enhanced Cash Flow

With Finturf, your clinic doesn’t need to wait for insurance payouts or patient payments. We transfer funds directly to you within two to three days after a procedure is completed. Quick and direct fund transfers strengthen your clinic's financial health, helping you better focus on patient care.

Increased Revenue

With financing options to choose from, patients can confidently move forward with hair transplant surgery while paying for the procedure slowly over time. Patients no longer need to put off hair transplants due to the large upfront costs. By offering hair restoration financing, more patients can comfortably afford services, translating to higher revenue for your clinic.

Patient Acquisition

With hair transplant financing, procedures become more affordable and attainable for patients. Clinics that offer in-house financing have a leg up in attracting a broader client base looking for flexible funding options.

Elevated Patient Satisfaction

Your clinic's patient-focused financing for hair restoration helps alleviate financial concerns. Reducing upfront costs allows patients to undergo treatment with less financial stress, enhancing their satisfaction with both the care and financing options you provide.

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Why Choose Finturf?

Wondering why Finturf is the right POS financing solution for you? Here are some of our perks:
Simplified Setup

In less than an hour, our team integrates our platform into your existing software. Once the setup is complete, you can immediately begin offering hair transplant financing directly to your patients.

Waterfall Algorithm

Finturf stands out thanks to its extensive lender network and waterfall algorithm. Our process is simple – if your patient is not connected with the first lender in our system, their request is routed to others. This increases patients' chances of finding hair transplant financing that suits their needs.

All Credit Types

Finturf's lender network also caters to a broad range of credit profiles, from subprime to superprime. This diversity allows more patients to find financing that aligns with their financial circumstances, facilitating easier access to hair restoration treatments.

Quick Funding Requests

We know that time is of the essence when your patients want to look their best. Our online request can provide on-screen results in minutes, making the journey toward hair restoration treatment more efficient for your patients.

Comprehensive Underwriting Support

Finturf aims to support its partners by helping them provide the best care. That’s why our lenders manage all the paperwork, risk assessment, and documentation associated with financing hair transplants.

Ongoing Service Updates

We are dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible, which is why we consistently update our lender network, security measures, and platform functionalities.

Professional Support and Training

Our merchant support team specializes in onboarding and training, complemented by our 24/7 IT team that ensures a seamless experience.

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Ready to revolutionize your hair restoration practice? Contact us to discover how Finturf can enhance your clinic's financing capabilities for hair restoration services. Our solutions help alleviate financial constraints for patients, positioning your practice at the forefront of patient care and satisfaction. Seize the chance to grow your client base and increase revenue, all while upholding your commitment to accessible, quality hair restoration treatments.

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