Mobile Home Contractor Financing for Customers

By leveraging Finturf’s point-of-sale (POS) financing software, manufactured and mobile home contractors can now extend flexible financing options directly to their clients.

Thanks to a network of multiple lenders, your clients can explore affordable financing solutions that suit their budgets. This means they can start their home projects sooner and with less upfront cost. For contractors, this means more business, increased earnings, and happier clients who appreciate the financial flexibility.

Benefits of Offering Mobile Home Contractor Financing

Partnering with Finturf to offer mobile and manufactured mobile home financing, you unlock the following benefits for both your business and your customers:

Alternative Mobile Home Financing

Finturf's point-of-sale financing platform empowers mobile home contractors to offer financing solutions for:

  • Full-scale mobile home renovations
  • Container home installations
  • Modular home upgrades
  • Eco-friendly modifications
  • Space expansions in manufactured homes
  • Interior and exterior enhancements

Competitive Edge

As demand grows for accessible financing solutions, especially for substantial investments like financing a mobile home, your business can stand out. Offering flexible payment options positions you ahead of competitors, attracting more clients seeking these services.

Better Cash Flow

Our stage funding feature releases funds at key milestones throughout the mobile home contractors. This ensures you have the necessary liquidity to purchase materials, employ skilled labor, and cover operational expenses without financial strain. This arrangement supports better cash flow, enhances project delivery, and boosts client satisfaction.

Higher Revenue

Offering container home financing options meets today's homeowner expectations for manageable monthly payments on their mobile home projects, potentially increasing your conversion rates and fostering customer loyalty.

Client Acquisition

Offering financing for a mobile home can significantly boost your client acquisition efforts. Potential clients often seek contractors who provide flexible, in-house payment options for their mobile home renovation projects, preferring them over those requiring upfront full payments.

Customer Satisfaction

Providing financing for manufactured homes directly through your business simplifies the payment process for customers. It offers them the convenience of installment payments over a lump sum upfront, thus enhancing their overall satisfaction.

Mobile home financing options include:

  • Personal loans
  • Mobile home loans
  • Split payments
  • Lines of credit
  • Installment loans
  • Low APR loans
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Why Choose Finturf?

Finturf simplifies financing mobile home projects, benefiting both contractors and their clients. Here's why Finturf stands out:
Easy Setup

Thanks to our technicians, you’ll have our financing software up and running in less than an hour. Finturf ensures a swift, hassle-free integration of our financing solutions, making setup a breeze with our cloud-based software.

Waterfall Algorithm

Finturf's waterfall system connects your clients with a variety of reputable lenders. If the initial lender isn't the right fit, the request automatically goes to other lenders in our network, including second and third choices. This increases the likelihood that your client may be connected to a direct lender offering manufactured and mobile home financing.

All Credit Types

We partner with lenders who are willing to work with varying credit profiles, whether your clients have top-notch credit or are working on improving it. This opens up more opportunities for financing mobile home projects.

Hassle-Free Funding Request

We know you and your clients don't want to wait around. That's why our online request is fast and simple. In just minutes, you can see your financing options on the screen, helping you start on mobile and manufactured home renovations sooner.

Change Orders

Sometimes, mobile home projects change scope. Maybe your client wants something new, or you find unexpected issues or decide on higher-end materials. Our change order feature helps you adjust the financing amount for the project. Add whatever's needed, from extra days to luxe touches, ensuring everyone's happy and the job gets done right, even with surprises along the way.

Underwriting Support

While you concentrate on crafting perfect mobile homes, our lending partners manage the manufactured home financing details. Our network of lenders oversees credit assessments, underwriting, loan funding, and any default risks, freeing you from the burden of financial paperwork and allowing you to focus on your construction projects.

Service Upgrades

Our goal is to provide you with the best service available. That's why we're always adding more lenders to our network, strengthening our security measures, and enhancing our platform's features to make it easier and safer for you.

Technical Support

Our IT support is on call 24/7 to tackle any tech challenges you face. On top of that, our merchant support team is here to offer training and continuous help, making sure you fully benefit from using Finturf’s POS solution.

Get Started with Finturf

Embrace the future of home construction financing with Finturf's POS solution tailored for mobile and manufactured home contractors. Our platform not only fuels your business growth but also empowers your clients to transform their living spaces. Complete our merchant signup form today to connect with a team member and explore how you can start offering unparalleled financing options.

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