Offer Dermatology Financing to Your Patients

Empower your dermatology practice with Finturf's financing solution, enabling your clinic to fund patients directly. Our multi-lender, point-of-sale (POS) platform offers flexible payment options, reducing upfront costs and making dermatological care more accessible.

With Finturf’s dermatology financing solutions, your clinic can position itself as a full-service provider offering top-tier services and patient-focused financing options. By integrating a direct funding option, your practice can benefit from increased patient satisfaction, acquisition, and revenue.

Benefits of Providing Dermatology Financing

Partnering with Finturf to offer dermatology financing unlocks numerous benefits for your practice and patients alike:

Versatile Financing Solutions

Finturf partners with a large network of reputable lenders offering various options, such as cosmetic dermatology financing, personal loans, split payments, low APR loans, dermatologist payment plans, and guarantee programs. With Finturf’s financing solution, your patients can explore more financing opportunities and options.

Competitive Advantage

Stand out in the industry by offering in-house, patient-friendly financing and top-tier care. Finturf's solutions cater to dermatology patient demands for convenient payments and compassionate care, boosting your clinic's appeal and revenue while fostering a patient-centered environment.

Improved Cash Flow

Finturf's direct dermatology financing options enhance your clinic's financial operations. They reduce reliance on insurance reimbursements and streamline billing, ensuring faster fund transfers after services. This lets you concentrate on patient care, supporting your clinic's financial stability and uninterrupted dermatological services.

Higher Revenue

Finturf helps patients finance a variety of dermatological treatments. This support broadens patient treatment options, improving your clinic's revenue while ensuring more patients can access necessary care, regardless of their finances.

Patient Acquisition

Offering comprehensive dermatology patient financing shows an understanding of patient needs, mainly when cost is a concern. By offering flexible financing, your clinic can attract more clients who seek both expert care and financial understanding.

Patient Satisfaction

Reducing upfront costs enhances patient access to care and satisfaction by making necessary treatments and care more affordable for your patients. Your patients shouldn’t have to wait to receive dermatology services or forgo treatments altogether due to high upfront costs. With Finturf, your patients can receive the care they need while paying slowly over time – enhancing their overall experience.

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Why Choose Finturf for Your Dermatology Patient Financing?

Finturf’s financing solution helps transform your dermatology clinic into a full-service provider of top-tier care that also offers flexible funding. Here are some more reasons why Finturf stands out:
Effortless Setup

Our team specializes in seamlessly integrating Finturf's cloud-based system into your existing software. The setup typically takes less than an hour, allowing you to begin offering dermatology financing to your patients immediately after integrations are complete.

Smart Waterfall Algorithm

Finturf partners with a large lender network, offering various funding options, amounts, terms, interest rates, and promotions. Our system also employs a waterfall approach – if a patient is not connected to the first provider, their request is routed to other lenders in the network. Finturf’s multi-lender waterfall system increases the likelihood of your patients finding dermatology financing.

All Credit Types

Our lender network also caters to a wide range of credit profiles, from subprime to superprime. We believe that finances and credit shouldn’t deter patients from receiving the care they need. That’s why our multi-lender network aims to broaden access to dermatological care by catering to various credit types.

Swift Funding Process

Finturf's online request is designed with speed and ease in mind. Your patients can conveniently submit requests online and receive on-screen results within minutes. This efficiency ensures quick access to financial options, enabling patients to proceed with necessary dermatological treatments promptly and without unnecessary delays.

Dedicated Underwriting Assistance

Your dermatology practice should focus on what it does best – providing top-notch treatments and services to patients. With Finturf, you can concentrate on providing quality dermatological care while our lending partners manage underwriting, documentation, and risk assessments.

Complimentary Service Enhancements

We're committed to delivering the finest experience possible, which is why we continuously upgrade our lender network, security protocols, and platform features.

Expert Support and Training

Our merchant support team specializes in onboarding and training, while our 24/7 IT support ensures a flawless experience.

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