Finturf’s Lending-as-a-Service Solution

Your Gateway to Point-of-Sale Financing. We Handle the Tech. You Handle the Capital.

With Finturf, you don’t just get a LaaS platform, you get a comprehensive solution for entering the point-of-sale lending space.

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Why Choose Finturf’s Point-of-Sale (POS) Financing LaaS Solution?

Finturf's LaaS solution features a turnkey loan origination system (LOS) that can seamlessly integrate with your existing software or be used as an end-to-end underwriting system. Our LOS includes:

Hosted Credit and Decision Engine

A robust system that evaluates applicants in real time, ensuring you lend to the right customers.

Updates Configurable Through Portal

Adjust and refine your lending criteria directly from our portal, giving you the flexibility to respond to market changes.

Integrate Any Third-Party API

Our platform is designed for compatibility, allowing you to integrate with your preferred third-party tools and systems.

Analytics and Models for Decisioning Logic

Use data-driven insights to enhance your lending decisions, ensuring profitability and reduced risk.

Manual Review and Approval of Stipulations

While automation handles most tasks, you retain the control to manually review and approve specific cases.

Duplicate and Deploy New Models for Specific Lead Sources

Customize lending models for different market segments, maximizing your reach and effectiveness.

Funding and Servicing Workflows

From disbursing loans to managing repayments, our workflows ensure a smooth lending journey for both you and your customers.

Outbound APIs for Third-Party Platforms

Extend your capabilities by connecting with external platforms, enhancing your lending ecosystem.

More Features for Our Lending Partners

Custom Merchant Portal

A dedicated space for merchants to manage loans, payments, and more, ensuring you receive a smooth flow of quality leads.

Admin Portal

A customizable dashboard for lenders and financial institutions to monitor application volume and details, integrations, and source channel information.

Instant Pre-Qualification

Our system filters out applications that don’t meet your criteria for entering your underwriting process, improving your application quality.

Automated Underwriting Engine

Benefit from our integrated credit policies and advanced filtration system, optimizing your lending decisions.

Seamless Integrations

Connect effortlessly with credit bureaus, fraud detection tools, and your existing credit engine tools for a comprehensive applicant assessment.

Dedicated Support

Our Lender Success Team, with decades of industry experience, ensures smooth onboarding, tailor-made customizations, and support whenever you need it.

We Offer Full-Spectrum Integrations

Use one of our many fully integrated partners, including credit bureaus, identity verification companies, bank verification providers, title verification entities, and document management companies, or bring your own solutions and easily integrate them into our Lending-as-a-Service system.

Rapid Deployment

Why start from scratch? With Finturf, launch your customized lending platform in mere weeks.

Turnkey POS Loan Origination

A purpose-built solution for originating loans at the point of sale.

Optional Merchant Onboarding and Support

We offer merchant risk assessment and onboarding tools in addition to the LOS to help financial institutions more efficiently operate in the POS lending market.


Finturf’s LaaS can be tailored to your unique needs. Our cloud-based platform can integrate with your existing software or be deployed as an end-to-end loan origination and underwriting solution.


In addition to quick deployments, Finturf’s LaaS also comes at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

How Our Lending-as-a-Service Platform Works

Our LaaS isn’t just a platform; it’s a holistic lending ecosystem. From application initiation to final funding, we’ve got you covered. All you need is the capital and a lending license.

Using Finturf’s LaaS Solution

Through our Merchant Portal, consumers or merchants initiate the lending process. Applicants then confirm their identity and agree to essential disclosures. In addition, we maintain a network of qualified merchants to provide reliable leads for lenders. Speak to us about opportunities to receive these leads.

Pre-approved applicants are presented with tailored loan offers and directed to a lender-specific interface for finalizing details.

Once all checks are in place, loans are set in motion, and funds are disbursed to the applicants.

Merchants leverage our portal to manage leads, monitor application statuses, and receive streamlined communication.

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New to LaaS? Here are some of the most commonly asked questions.

How Does Lending-as-a-Service Work?

LaaS streamlines the lending process, from application to funding, using advanced technology and integrations.

What are the Benefits of Finturf’s Lending Platform?

Speed to market, affordability, customization, and a focus on the POS lending market are some of the benefits of Finturf’s LaaS software.

What are the Concerns about LaaS?

While LaaS offers many advantages, institutions must ensure they choose a provider that aligns with their specific needs and market focus. At Finturf, we make this easy by offering customizable solutions with quick integrations.

What is a White-Label Lending Platform?

A while-label lending platform is provided by a third party but branded under your institution's name.

How Would You Compare Lending-as-a-Service to Banking-as-a-Service?

While both offer financial services through a third party, LaaS focuses specifically on lending, whereas BaaS offers a broader range of banking services.

How Would You Compare Lending-as-a-Service to Marketplace Lending?

LaaS provides the tools for institutions to offer lending services, while marketplace lending connects borrowers with lenders through a platform.

How Would You Compare Lending-as-a-Service to Embedded Finance?

Embedded finance integrates financial services into non-financial platforms, while LaaS provides a dedicated platform for lending services.

Finturf’s Lending-as-a-Service Solution

Your Gateway to Point-of-Sale Financing. We Handle the Tech. You Handle the Capital.

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