What is Finturf?

Finturf connects online consumers to local, brick-and-mortar lenders in real time using innovative, proprietary technology. Our program is built on decades of success within the financial industry. Our team has helped millions of consumers look for funding online, connecting many of them to local options. This experience enabled us to design a new program with both the online and local lender in mind.

It is our mission to provide a win-win solution for sending and receiving loan consumers, especially when the borrower is best served by a local option.

Why Finturf?

We help consumers reach local loan options, even if they started the process with an online lender. By providing them with a brick-and-mortar’s subjective decision process, they have a better chance of obtaining a loan, which means a great return on investment for both the online and local lender. We look forward to hearing from you.