About us

Finturf is a multi-lender, point-of-sale (POS) solution helping underserved merchants provide their clients with in-house financing options. With the evolving retail industry, consumers have come to expect flexible buy now, pay later options. As a result, we help retailers adapt to consumer preferences so they can stay ahead of the competition.

Our multi-lender platform offers more opportunities for your clients to find hassle-free and quick financing

Through Finturf, your clients can finance purchases they otherwise wouldn’t be able to, translating into higher conversions for you.

Merchants working with Finturf also have the freedom to choose the lenders they work with, and the financers handle all the paperwork and associated risks.

Lastly, merchants enjoy upfront and in full reimbursement within two to three business days.

Finturf’s POS platform helps merchants improve their revenue, customer acquisition efforts, and market presence. With an all-in-one, turnkey financing solution, Finturf offers easy integration for merchants new to POS while also providing full customizability. Merchants have the freedom to tailor our proprietary technology to confidently address their client’s financing needs.

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Company Culture

Our goal is simple: we provide responsive, reliable, and reputable POS solutions to retailers, consumers, lenders, and SaaS partners.

Our in-office and nationwide network is guided by mutual trust, commitment to our partners, and desire for innovation. We pride ourselves on creating a collaborative atmosphere that yields opportunities to create new avenues for company and partnership growth. Finturf’s team sets itself apart by its commitment and drive to create lasting relationships with each of our retailers, lenders, and SaaS partners.

Our Team

Finturf has a dedicated team across the country that offers 24/7 assistance

Finturf’s relationship team provides onboarding, one-on-one training, and monthly performance meetings. Additionally, our account managers take a hands-on approach to helping personalize and align our services to meet your needs.

Our developers provide full setup, maintenance, and management of the platform.

Lastly, we employ a legal and compliance department experienced in TSPA, FCRA, UDAPP, and Data Security Procedures relevant to lead generation and lending.