Tax Resolution & Relief Services Financing for Your Clients

With Finturf’s point-of-sale financing (POS) software, you can offer your clients flexible in-house tax resolution and relief financing. Providing a hassle-free installment option to pay off tax debt can significantly improve your customer acquisition efforts, client relations, cash flow, and competitive edge.

Benefits of Tax Resolution Financing

POS financing is a win-win for your business and clients, and here’s how:

Alternative Financing Options

Many individuals often find themselves in a tight financial position, especially when they owe thousands in taxes. As a result, it may not be possible for them to obtain a traditional bank loan or pay a lump sum upfront. Instead, with Finturf’s financing solution, your clients can pay their tax debts in small monthly installments over a longer period.

If approved for tax resolution financing through Finturf, your clients may receive:

  • Loans to pay off IRS debt
  • Installment loans
  • Business tax debt loans
  • Lines of credit
  • Personal loans for tax debt
  • Direct-to-consumer loans
  • Split payments
  • Low APR loans

Competitive Edge

Tax season is a stressful time, especially for individuals who have thousands to pay back. In most cases, they will seek a loan to pay off IRS debt. As a result, tax resolution companies that offer POS financing can appeal to clients searching for hassle-free and quick ways to pay off tax debt. As a result, alternative financing can put you ahead of the competition and establish your company as a leader in the industry.

Better Cash Flow

At Finturf, you don’t have to wait to be reimbursed for your tax resolution services. Instead, you can receive the money two to three days after your client is approved for financing.

Higher Revenue

With Finturf’s POS solution, you can appeal to more individuals searching for tax debt solutions. As such, this can increase the number of clients you take on, translating into higher revenue.

Client Acquisition

Buy now, pay later payment plans have changed the way individuals pay for goods and services, and tax resolution companies are no exception. As a result, more clients are searching for flexible and hassle-free payment options, and integrating tax debt solutions can improve your client acquisition and retention efforts.

Customer Satisfaction

Installment loans for tax debt can ease the financial burden on your clients, translating into more satisfaction. Also, by working with your clients to offer a manageable payment plan through Finturf, they are more likely to bring you repeat business.

Easy Setup

We understand that your clients may be under pressure to address their tax obligations, and time is of the essence when they are searching for tax relief loans. That’s why Finturf’s team quickly integrates our cloud-based platform on your behalf.

Waterfall Algorithm

With a multi-lender network, your clients may have a higher chance of finding a loan to pay tax debt. If your client is not connected to the first lender in Finturf’s network, their request moves through our system to additional financers.

All Credit Types

Unfortunately, not all your clients have stellar credit. However, this shouldn’t bar them from requesting consumer tax relief. Finturf partners with lenders who may work with super-prime and subprime applicants.

Hassle-Free Funding Request

Finturf aims to reduce the time your clients spend searching for a tax relief loan. That’s why we provide on-screen results in minutes.

Underwriting Support

Finturf and our partnered lenders strive to provide your company with all the tools for in-house tax relief financing. If your business doesn’t have the resources to process, underwrite, or fund loans, we have you covered. Our lenders handle all the logistics, including paperwork, late payments, and credit risks.

Free Service Upgrades

Finturf’s technicians regularly maintain and update our platform, reporting tools, dashboard, and lender network free of charge.

Technical Support and Training

Finturf’s IT team is available 24/7 to help resolve any technical issues. Additionally, we have hands-on merchant relationship managers who provide training, ongoing support, and consultation services.

Why Finturf?

Wondering why Finturf is the right POS financing solution for you? Here are some of the reasons we stand out:

Get Started with Finturf

Finturf’s financing solution offers your clients better, easier, and hassle-free tax resolution and relief financing options. This translates into improved client relations and revenue for you. Reach out to a team member to discuss integrating Finturf’s platform.

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