Offer Medical Equipment Financing to Your Customers

Position your clinic as a supportive healthcare partner by providing patients with financing options to acquire home-use medical devices. Finturf’s financing solutions enable you to offer in-house medical equipment financing to your clients.

With Finturf, your clients can benefit from increased affordability and accessibility, helping them manage their health needs without the burden of cost being a barrier. For your clinic, this translates to increased sales, customer loyalty, and a broader market reach.

Benefits of Offering Medical Equipment Financing

Choosing Finturf’s medical equipment financing solutions brings several benefits to your business and clients:

Wide Range of Financing Solutions

Finturf’s extensive network of partnered lenders opens up more opportunities for your clients to explore various healthcare equipment financing options, terms, rates, and promotions. Our lenders offer personal loans, split payments, installment loans, and low-APR loans to help finance wheelchairs, home care beds, respiratory aids, and more devices.

Competitive Edge

Due to the high upfront costs of medical equipment and devices, many individuals seek clinics that cater to their financing needs. Offering an in-house solution eases the financial burdens on clients, making you the go-to provider and giving you a leg up against competitors.

Better Cash Flow

With Finturf, you don’t need to wait for funds to process. You’ll receive direct disbursements in two to three days, improving operational cash flow and efficiency.

Higher Revenue

With the option to purchase medical equipment and devices on the same day and pay over time, clients can forgo the high upfront costs of necessary medical equipment. Offering in-house financing for medical equipment helps ease financial burdens and increases client satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

Patients expect compassionate, accessible care. By offering financing options for medical equipment, healthcare providers can enhance patient satisfaction and strengthen the bonds of trust.

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Why Choose Finturf for Medical Equipment Financing?

Why should you partner with Finturf to offer financing for medical equipment? Here are some more perks:
Effortless Integration

Finturf’s team handles the integrations and can have the solution up and running in less than an hour. We ensure that our POS financing platform is compatible with your existing software. Once the setup is complete, you can begin offering medical device financing directly to your clients on the same day.

Waterfall Algorithm

Finturf employs a waterfall algorithm with an extensive network of lenders. This means that if your client isn’t connected with the first lender in our system, their request is routed to other providers. With Finturf, your clients are more likely to secure financing for medical equipment.

All Credit Types

Finturf’s lender network also caters to a broad spectrum of credit profiles, aiming to make medical equipment financing more accessible. Our inclusive approach means we work with lenders open to diverse credit histories.

Hassle-Free Requests

Finturf’s financing request is completely digital, making it hassle-free and quick. Clients can receive on-screen results in minutes, facilitating faster equipment and device purchases.

Underwriting Support

Finturf makes consumer financing simple, from integrations to administrative tasks. Our partnered lenders take on the underwriting responsibilities, including conducting credit checks and handling defaults.

Regular Service Upgrades

Finturf stays at the forefront of innovation, which is why we regularly update our lender network, security measures, and platform.

Comprehensive Support and Training

Finturf ensures smooth platform integration with 24/7 IT support and ongoing training from our dedicated merchant relations team, maximizing your benefit from our services.

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