Swimming Pool and Spa Construction Financing for Your Customers

You can make it easier for your clients to unwind and relax by offering swimming pool financing. With Finturf, financing a swimming pool or a spa construction doesn’t have to cause a dent in your client’s finances or be put off due to a lack of upfront cash. Instead, you can get started on the project as soon as your clients are approved for funding. Plus your customers can pay back the loan slowly over time.

With Finturf’s point-of-sale (POS) financing software, you can begin offering your clients flexible and hassle-free payment options for swimming pool and spa services. With Finturf, you can offer your customers financing for:

  • Pool repairs
  • Pool and spa installation
  • Pool and spa cleaning
  • Above ground pools

Finturf’s POS solution helps your customers enjoy the sunny weather while you increase your consumer base, revenue, and competitive edge.

Benefits of Offering Pool and Spa Financing

Here are some of the top reasons our clients choose Finturf to help them offer a buy now, pay later option to customers at checkout.

Alternative Pool Financing Options

With a POS option, your clients don’t have to rely on traditional loans or dive into savings for pool installation financing. Instead, they may be approved for alternative funding options, such as a line of credit, personal loan, direct-to-consumer loan, split payments, and installment loans.

Competitive Edge

With growing consumer demand for POS financing options, you can fulfill these requests to gain a competitive advantage in the industry. By integrating Finturf’s POS financing solution, you can gain an innovative edge and better cater to your clients’ needs.

Better Cash Flow

No more waiting to get paid for your pool and spa services. If your client is approved for financing, you’ll receive the funds in full within two to three business days.

Higher Revenue

Moreover, with flexible buy now, pay later options, your clients may be more inclined to splurge. As a result, you can enjoy higher revenue for large-scale pool and spa projects.

Client Acquisition

As consumers seek the flexibility of POS financing, your in-house loan options can encourage more customers to work with you. In turn, pool loans can significantly increase your client acquisition efforts.

Customer Satisfaction

In addition to the top-notch pool and spa services you provide, an easy POS financing option can further increase your client’s experience. Your customers no longer need to worry about making payments in full upfront. If approved, they can find a comfortable repayment plan that fits their budget.

Easy Setup

With multiple swimming pool and spa projects to juggle, we understand you don’t want to spend time on long and complicated integrations. At Finturf, we strive to make the setup easy and quick. Once approved, pool service providers can begin using the cloud-based platform in a few clicks.

Waterfall Algorithm

Since Finturf partners with a network of lenders, that means there are more opportunities for your clients to find pool financing. If your customer is not matched with the first lender, the application will be directed to others in our network.

All Credit Types

Our partnered lenders have been known to work with super-prime and subprime credit applicants. As such, your customers may be able to find swimming pool loans through Finturf even if they don’t have stellar credit.

Hassle-Free Funding Request

Another win-win for you and your customers is Finturf’s quick and easy request process. We know both you and your clients are eager to get started on the pool and spa project. Therefore, clients can receive on-screen results in a few minutes.

Underwriting Support

Many pool and spa service providers may not have the resources necessary to process, underwrite, or fund loans. Finturf and our partnered lenders step in to take care of these logistics on your behalf. As a result, our lenders handle all the paperwork, late payments, and credit risks associated with swimming pool financing.

Free Service Upgrades

Finturf regularly updates its platform, reporting tools, dashboard, and lending network at no cost to you.

Technical Support and Training

Our IT team is available 24/7 to resolve any technical problems you may encounter. Additionally, our merchant relationship team provides training to ensure you are getting the most from Finturf’s POS solution. Our team members also provide ongoing support and consultation services, including monthly check-ins.

Finturf Advantages

Here are some reasons Finturf stands out as a POS financing solution:

Get Started with Finturf

If you’re looking to grow your pool and spa business, compete in the industry, and provide better financing for your customers, Finturf is here to help. Contact a member of Finturf’s POS team to begin the integration process.

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