Offer Water Treatment Financing to Consumers

Providing water treatment financing options can empower your customers to enhance their water purification and filtration systems – even when immediate funds are not available. By incorporating Finturf’s point-of-sale (POS) financing solution, you can start offering your clients affordable in-house customer financing for water treatment solutions.

If approved for financing, your clients can invest in water treatment services through manageable installments that align with their financial plans. With customer financing, your enterprise can boost customer engagement, sales, cash flow, and client satisfaction.

Benefits of Water Treatment Financing

With Finturf’s POS financing solution and multi-lender network, your business and clients can enjoy the following benefits:

Alternative Financing Options

Finturf partners with a large lender network that offers various financing options, terms, promotions, and rates. This translates into more water treatment financing opportunities for your clients to explore. When you integrate Finturf’s solution, your business can start offering your clients:

  • Water softener financing
  • Water filtration financing
  • Water heater replacement financing

Competitive Advantage

Water treatment companies that adapt to customer financial needs and preferences see greater success in acquiring and retaining clients. By integrating Finturf's turnkey water treatment financing solutions, you ensure your company remains the top choice for clients seeking financial flexibility in water management projects.

Improved Cash Flow

With Finturf's stage funding feature, water treatment contractors benefit from receiving funds as they hit specific project stages rather than at the project conclusion. Whether after installing new filtration systems, upgrading existing infrastructure, or adding new treatment technologies, contractors get the financial support they need right when needed. This method facilitates better cash flow management, ensuring that funding for materials and labor is always within reach.

Increased Revenue

Clients are more likely to invest in comprehensive water treatment solutions when they have the option of affordable payment plans. This translates to higher revenue and larger-scale projects.

Client Acquisition

In an era where on-the-spot financing is increasingly in demand, offering tailored in-house loans through Finturf can draw in more customers, significantly enhancing your client acquisition strategy in the water treatment industry.

Customer Satisfaction

Enhance customer experience by coupling exceptional services with smooth water treatment financing options. Clients can select a repayment plan that fits their financial situation, ensuring high-quality water treatment services with affordable payments.

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Why Choose Finturf?

Are you looking to start offering water treatment financing options? Here’s why Finturf is the right choice:
Effortless Integration

Our technicians will set up our cloud-based platform in under an hour, expediting your timeline to in-house financing. Once the platform is integrated into your existing system, you can begin offering water financing directly to your clients.

Advanced Waterfall Algorithm

Finturf partners with a large network of reputable lenders. We also employ a waterfall process to help connect your clients with providers. If the first lender in our network isn't a fit, your client’s request is automatically forwarded to others in our system.

All Credit Profiles Welcome

Our partnered lenders cater to varying credit profiles, including subprime and superprime applicants. This increases the likelihood that your clients will secure a water treatment financing plan with Finturf.

Simple Funding Requests

We understand your clients’ eagerness to start water treatment projects. That's why Finturf offers a streamlined loan application process with quick on-screen results in minutes.

Change Orders

Our change order feature ensures that changes in your water treatment project, whether from client feedback, design alterations, or unforeseen environmental factors, stay within your financial planning. Easily update financing amounts to reflect additions, enhancements, or extended timelines. This flexibility helps you deliver superior water treatment solutions and easily handle budget adjustments, ensuring financial concerns don't hold you back.

Comprehensive Underwriting Support

Leave the intricacies of loan processing to us. Our lending partners manage all the logistics, from paperwork to credit risk associated with water treatment financing.

Regular Service Enhancements

We continuously improve our platform, tools, dashboard, and lender network to ensure top-tier performance.

24/7 Technical Support and Training

Our IT experts are available 24/7 to address any technical issues you encounter. Moreover, our merchant relationship team provides training and ongoing support to ensure you fully leverage Finturf's point-of-sale financing solutions.

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