Contractor Financing For Your Home Improvement Customers

Home improvement projects can be costly, and not all customers have a big budget or savings planned. Moreover, customers cannot wait a couple of business days for a bank loan approval in an emergency.

With Finturf, you can make the process for your customers easier from start to finish. Whether it is an emergency repair, kitchen remodel, or deck addition, you can help your customers try to finance almost any type of home remodeling and renovation. In addition, offering home improvement financing can help your customers finance the work they need in an installment plan that fits their budget.

Home Improvement Contractor Financing Options Upon Checkout

Offering home improvement financing options at checkout encourages your customers to work with you, especially when the rates are right. Here are some of the benefits you can offer through POS financing:

Buy now pay later
Home improvement loans
Split payments
Installment loans
Low APR financing

Using Our Loan Request Software for Home Renovation & Remodeling

By connecting to our multi-lender network, your home improvement service can offer some of the best contractor financing for customers. What are the benefits of home improvement financing for contractors?

Easy Setup

It's simple to set up. Our professionals will assist you in signing up and using our cloud-based software in less than an hour. Then, during checkout, you'll be able to use Finturf to make loan requests on behalf of your home improvement customers.

Hassle-Free Loan Request

Filling out a Finturf loan request and receiving a real-time response takes only a few minutes. If approved, you can start providing your home renovation and remodeling services to the customer.

Waterfall Algorithm

If the homeowner is not connected to the first lending partner, the request will move down Finturf's ping-tree to the next lender, increasing the likelihood that the loan will eventually be accepted.

Local Financing

In some situations, while submitting their online applications, customers may connect with a local brick-and-mortar finance company. If this is the case, your customer may be required to visit the branch to submit the required information. If approved, the lender will contact you so you can proceed with your home improvement services. This financing option can be beneficial for homeowners with a low credit score.

Mobile App

Contractors who sign up with Finturf get new customers thanks to our mobile app. Homeowners searching for contractor financing programs can request home improvement consumer financing through the Finturf app. During the process, the customer may select your business.

High Approval Rates

While most POS solutions have a maximum of one to three lenders, we offer a larger network of lenders who provide more opportunities for conversion. Moreover, the lending companies that we work with make quick credit decisions.

All Credit Types

Our lenders work with all credit types, from subprime to super-prime. Our local lenders are often better suited to offer credit to those with poorer credit histories.

Fast Money Transfer

If a customer is connected with a lending partner and approved for a home improvement loan, you do not need to wait until they have fully paid back their loan to get your funds. Instead, you can receive your money upfront and in full in three to five business days.

No Stress

After your customer is connected with a home renovation loan provider, you have nothing to worry about. The finance company is responsible for the paperwork, credit risks, and potential late payments — not you, the merchant.

Full Performance Reporting

Our user-friendly dashboard allows home improvement contractors to filter by pending, pre-approved and rejected requests. In addition, the reports allow you to track information by location and salesperson.


We continually improve our customer experience by upgrading our dashboard and reporting tools. Additionally, we are continuously expanding our lending network to ensure the best possible performance for contractors. These updates are free for every user on our platform.

White Label Service

You can rebrand and customize our platform, making it match your home improvement company image.

24/7 Client Support

Whenever you need assistance, our customer support team is at your service any time of the day.

Easy to Use

Our software is easy to use for both the service provider and the customer.

Why Finturf?

Here are some of the top reasons home improvement contractors choose our point of need financing software.

Finturf Success Stories

Here are some of the ways that our software has helped home improvement contractors just like you

Higher Conversion Rates

Today's homeowners expect contractors to provide a customer financing program with low monthly payments for their home improvement projects. As a result, many of our clients have improved conversion rates, cash flow, customer satisfaction, consumer loyalty, and client base.

Compete in Your Industry

Our clients get an advantage over their competition, especially those who do not provide a way to pay for their home improvement services in installments over time.

Get Started with Finturf

Thanks to our vast network of lenders that work with all credit types, setting up home renovation and remodeling financing options will help your business grow and generate more revenue. To start your journey with us, complete our merchant signup form, and a team member will contact you.

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