Contractor Financing for Your Home Improvement Customers

Help your customers try to finance almost any type of home remodeling and renovation project with Finturf.

Benefits of Offering Home Improvement Financing

With Finturf, you can make the process for your customers easier from start to finish. Whether it is an emergency repair, kitchen remodels, or deck addition, you can help your customers try to finance almost any type of home remodeling and renovation project. By offering financing for home renovations, your business can help customers finance the work they need with an installment plan that fits their budget.

By connecting to our multi-lender network, your home improvement business can offer some of the best home renovation financing for customers. What are the benefits of home improvement financing for contractors?

Alternative Renovation Financing

With Finturf’s point-of-sale financing platform, contractors can help homeowners afford common improvement projects, such as:

  • Major or minor kitchen remodels
  • Replacing entryway doors
  • Replacing garage doors
  • Adding a wooden deck
  • Replacing vinyl siding
  • Fitting new flooring
  • Remodeling bathrooms
  • Building an extension
  • Creating an office
  • Converting a loft

Thanks to Finturf, your customers enjoy the flexibility of remodeling their homes now and paying over time.

Competitive Edge

Consumers are increasingly looking for easy financing solutions, especially for large-sum home improvement projects. As a result, contractors that offer home renovation financing options may gain a significant advantage over competitors that don’t.

Client Acquisition

With an in-house financing solution, you can increase your client acquisition efforts as customers often look for flexible payment options for costly home renovation projects. Rather than work with a contractor that requires upfront and in full payment, homeowners may be more likely to work with a contractor that offers flexible payment plans.

Better Cash Flow

Our phased financing feature releases funds at predetermined stages during renovation and remodeling projects. It gives you the liquidity to source materials, hire skilled labor, and manage operational costs effectively. This feature helps minimize financial pressure, enabling you to maintain a steady pace of work from demolition to the final touches. Rather than waiting for payment once the project is completed, our solution improves your business’s cash flow.

Higher Revenue

Today’s homeowners expect contractors to provide a customer financing program with low monthly payments for their home improvement projects. As a result, offering home improvement financing may improve conversion rates, cash flow, customer satisfaction, and consumer loyalty.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Offering in-house home improvement financing can help increase customer satisfaction because customers find it more convenient to pay in monthly installments than a large amount upfront.

Home remodeling financing options include the following:

  • Personal loans
  • Home renovation loans
  • Split payments
  • Lines of credit
  • Home remodeling loans
  • Installment loans
  • Low APR loans
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Why Finturf?

Here are some of the top reasons home improvement contractors choose our POS financing software:
Easy Setup

We know that you are busy taking care of large projects. That’s why our team of professionals will integrate our financing solutions and help you get started with our cloud-based software in less than an hour.

Waterfall Algorithm

If the homeowner is not connected to the first lending partner, the request will move down Finturf’s ping tree to the next lender. This increases the likelihood the homeowner may be connected with a direct lender. While most POS solutions have a maximum of one to three lenders, we offer a larger network of lenders that can provide more opportunities for conversion.

All Credit Types

Many lenders in our extensive network may be willing to work with all credit types, from subprime to super-prime.

Hassle-Free Funding Request

Filling out a Finturf loan request form is hassle-free. Customers can typically receive on-screen a real-time response in minutes. In addition, the initial request will not hurt the customer’s credit score as we only conduct a soft credit check.

Change Orders

We ensure flexibility in your renovations with adaptable financing. If you encounter changes in your project scope due to client requests, structural discoveries, or design revisions, adjust the financing amount quickly and easily. This flexibility allows you to stay on schedule and within budget, ensuring customized, high-quality renovations are delivered on time and within budget.

Underwriting Support

Finturf provides contractors with all the necessary resources for in-house financing. Our partnered lenders also step in to handle all the logistic work, like processing, underwriting, and funding loans. In turn, your business is never at risk of late payments or loan defaults.

Service Upgrades

We continually improve our customer experience by upgrading our dashboard and reporting tools. Additionally, we are continuously expanding our lending network.

Technical Support and Training

Whenever you need assistance, our technical support team is at your service any time of the day. Finturf’s hands-on merchant relationship team also provides training, ongoing support, and consultation services to all partnered merchants.

Get Started with Finturf

Finturf’s POS financing solution can help your business grow and generate more revenue. To start offering home renovation and remodeling financing options, complete our merchant signup form to connect with a team member.

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