Offer Women's Health Financing to Your Patients

Empower your women's health clinic with Finturf, providing a financing solution that lets you extend direct funding options to your clients. This flexibility enhances healthcare access, allowing patients to pursue necessary treatments without the barrier of high upfront costs.

Our patient-centric women’s health financing not only boosts satisfaction but also transforms your clinic into a full-service hub, merging top-tier care and financial ease. Experience the dual benefit of increased patient satisfaction and revenue, all under one roof with Finturf.

Advantages of Offering Women's Health Financing

Partnering with Finturf brings numerous advantages to both your practice and your patients:

Comprehensive Financing Solutions

Provide your patients with options for financing women's health services. From personal loans to flexible payment plans, our POS financing solution caters to a broad spectrum of financial needs, ensuring that more women can access the care they deserve.

Stand Out in Healthcare

Distinguish your clinic by offering in-house, patient-centric financing. In today's healthcare landscape, patients seek convenience and flexibility. Finturf positions you at the forefront, enhancing your competitiveness in the field of women's health.

Streamlined Cash Flow

Say goodbye to lengthy insurance claims and billing complexities. With Finturf, funds are transferred directly to your account promptly after services are rendered.

Revenue Growth

Affordable women’s health financing encourages patients to proceed with recommended treatments and wellness plans, potentially increasing your clinic's revenue through expanded services.

Patient Acquisition

With flexible financing options for women's health services, your clinic can enhance accessibility to necessary and elective medical services and treatments. This helps all patients, whether they have insurance or not, by making treatments more affordable and preventing delays in care. With these financing choices, your clinic supports patients' health and peace of mind, making your clinic a go-to for new patients looking for affordable and comprehensive healthcare solutions.

Elevated Patient Satisfaction

Offering flexible women’s health financing plans at your clinic eases patients' concerns about upfront healthcare costs. With clear, structured repayment options, you can allow your patients to access necessary healthcare without financial stress. This approach boosts patient satisfaction and loyalty by demonstrating your clinic's commitment to supportive and manageable healthcare financing.

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Why Choose Finturf?

Choose Finturf for an effortless experience in financing women’s health. Our platform is designed with standout features that streamline the financing process for both clinics and patients:
Simplified Setup

Our team expertly handles the integration of Finturf’s cloud-based solution into your existing software. Setup typically takes just one hour, allowing your clinic to start offering women's health financing the same day.

Waterfall Algorithm

Finturf partners with a reputable network of lenders, each offering various financing options for women's health services. Our system utilizes a waterfall approach, systematically routing applications through our network. If an applicant isn’t connected with the first lender in our network, their application is seamlessly forwarded to other providers. This approach can help patients explore women’s health financing options.

All Credit Types

Finturf partners with a wide range of lenders, accommodating credit profiles from subprime to superprime. This diversity increases the likelihood of your clients securing suitable financing for women's health services. Our inclusive approach aims to broaden healthcare financing access, enhancing approval opportunities for a varied patient base.

Efficient Funding Requests

Understanding the urgency in women's health, Finturf offers an online financing request process that's both quick and user-friendly. Clients can receive on-screen results in just minutes, streamlining the path to treatments and aligning with your patients' immediate healthcare needs.

Comprehensive Underwriting Support

Finturf helps your clinic focus on what it does best – providing high-quality women’s health services. That’s why our partnered lenders handle all the underwriting, paperwork, and risk assessments.

Complimentary Service Upgrades

Our commitment to excellence means continuous improvements to our lender network, security measures, and platform features.

Dedicated Support and Training

Our merchant support team specializes in onboarding and training, complemented by a 24/7 IT team that ensures a seamless experience.

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Are you ready to attract more patients to your women’s health clinic and grow your revenue, all while upholding excellent patient care standards? Reach out today to discuss integration and partnership opportunities with Finturf.

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