Window Replacement and Installation Financing for Your Customers

If your clients are looking to replace their windows and doors, they may also be searching for flexible customer financing options. Some homeowners may not have the funds upfront for renovations. At Finturf, we seek to help window replacement companies and their clients find hassle-free point-of-sale (POS) funding options.

Window and door financing can help your clients start the renovations immediately while paying for the services slowly over time. With Finturf, you can offer your clients funding for:

  • Window installation
  • Patio door installation
  • Window and door replacement
  • Energy-efficient window and door installation

Window financing is a win-win for your company and clients. It can improve your competitive edge, customer acquisition, and sales while increasing customer satisfaction.

Window Financing Options

Rather than waiting to start installing new windows and doors, you can begin the project immediately if your customers are approved for financing. As a result, you can lock in the installation project, and your clients can pay for the services in a way that fits their budget. Through Finturf’s POS financing software, you can offer in-house financing options, such as:

Personal loans
Buy now pay later
Direct-to-consumer loans
Installment loans
Split payments
Low APR loans

Benefits of Window Customer Financing

Finturf aims to make the search for customer financing simple and accessible for your clients. By integrating Finturf’s platform, your clients have access to a multi-lender network, increasing the likelihood they connect with a financer. This can translate to increased revenue for you. Here are some additional benefits of working with Finturf:

Easy Setup

We know you do not have the time for a lengthy integration process. That’s why Finturf’s cloud-based platform only takes an hour to implement.

Hassle-Free Funding Request

Finturf also expedites and simplifies the window loan request process by offering your clients on-screen results within a few minutes.

Competitive Edge

Not all companies offer window and door financing, ultimately losing out on clients who are looking for flexible payments. By implementing a POS financing solution, you can gain an advantage over your competitors by attracting this client base.

Waterfall Algorithm

Finturf’s waterfall algorithm increases the chances that your client may be connected with a lender offering window and door financing. This is because the client’s application is routed through our network of lenders. If they are not connected to the first lender, the application is sent to the next one in our ping-tree.

High Approval Rates

Thanks to Finturf’s multi-lender network, your clients have a higher likelihood of connecting with a lender. As a result, we offer more chances for your clients to find window financing options.

All Credit Types

When looking to redo their windows and doors, your clients shouldn’t have to worry about bad credit financing. Luckily, Finturf’s partnered lenders work with subprime and super-prime applicants.

Fast Money Transfer

To maintain your company’s cash flow, you may not have the luxury of waiting to receive payments. With Finturf, you don’t need to wait for your clients to repay the loan. Instead, window and door installment companies can receive the funds in full within two to three business days.

No Stress

Our lenders handle all the window financing paperwork, credit risks, and potential late payments, letting you focus on the other aspects of your business.


Finturf regularly updates its lender network, reporting tools, platform, and dashboard free of charge.

24/7 Client Support

Our merchant support team is ready to help you get the most out of Finturf. We go the extra mile to make sure our solution works for you.

Why Finturf?

Here are some of the ways Finturf’s POS financing solution can benefit your window and door installation company:

Finturf Advantages

When working with Finturf to offer window and door financing, your company can enjoy:

Higher Conversion Rates

Your clients don’t need to keep putting off their window or door replacements because of a lack of funds. Instead, they benefit from a convenient payment option and immediate service, and you can enjoy increased cash flow and revenue.

Customer Acquisition

Increasingly, customers are looking for more flexible payment options. Therefore, window and door replacement companies can benefit from increased client acquisition with more financing options.

Client Satisfaction

Finturf can help you make the payment process more satisfying for the customer. For example, if your client is approved, you can begin replacing their windows and doors immediately, which is an excellent way to improve the customer experience.

Get Started with Finturf

Offering your clients a convenient and flexible payment option can do wonders for your acquisition efforts, cash flow, and customer service. If you’re looking to get started with Finturf, contact a member of our team to discuss integrating our window and door financing solution.

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