Offer Landscaping Financing to Your Customers

With Finturf, landscaping contractors can offer flexible financing options directly to their customers, making it more affordable to transform their yards into an oasis.

Integrating Finturf’s financing solution empowers landscapers to kickstart projects sooner, ensuring a steady revenue stream and enhanced cash flow. Partnered contractors can also appeal to a broader clientele looking to realize their landscaping dreams with budget-friendly payment plans.

Benefits of Offering Landscaping Financing

When partnering with Finturf to offer landscape industry customer financing, contractors and their clients can benefit from:

Alternative Financing Options

Gone are the days when clients had to rely solely on traditional loans or deplete their savings for landscaping projects. With our POS solution, they can access a range of funding alternatives, such as personal loans, direct-to-consumer loans, and landscaping payment plans.

Competitive Edge

Landscaping businesses that cater to their client's preferences and financial needs benefit from higher customer acquisition and retention rates. Integrating Finturf’s solution ensures you remain a preferred choice for clients seeking financial flexibility.

Better Cash Flow

Thanks to our stage funding feature, landscaping contractors can access funds at various points in the project lifecycle. Whether it’s for initial design work, plant and material procurement, or the construction of hardscaping features, phased payments ensure you have the financial resources available when needed. This approach alleviates the pressure of large upfront costs, enabling better cash flow management and the ability to take on projects of all sizes with financial confidence.

Higher Revenue

Your clients may invest more in their landscaping projects, knowing they have the option to pay in small installments over time. This means increased revenue and larger-sum projects for you.

Client Acquisition

As customers increasingly seek the versatility of POS financing, your in-house loan offerings can attract more clients, significantly boosting your acquisition efforts in the landscape financing sector.

Customer Satisfaction

Elevate the client experience by offering top-notch landscaping services paired with seamless financing options. Clients can choose a repayment plan that suits their budget, ensuring peace of mind.

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Why Finturf?

Finturf’s financing solution stands out for the following reasons:
Easy Setup

Balancing multiple landscaping projects is challenging enough. That's why Finturf ensures a swift and straightforward setup. Once approved, landscape contractors can start utilizing our cloud-based platform with just a few clicks.

Waterfall Algorithm

Our diverse lender network increases the chances for your clients to secure landscaping financing. If one lender doesn't match, the application is forwarded to others in our network.

All Credit Types

Our partnered lenders cater to a wide range of credit profiles, including applicants with less-than-stellar credit. This increases the likelihood that your clients find a landscaping payment plan through Finturf.

Hassle-Free Funding Request

We know both you and your clients are eager to commence the landscaping project. That’s why Finturf offers a quick loan request process, delivering on-screen results within minutes.

Change Orders

If your landscaping project evolves from the initial concept due to client requests, design modifications, or the need to address unforeseen site conditions, our change order feature lets you update budgets accordingly. Adjust financing amounts as the project scope changes, whether it involves adding new features, upgrading materials, or extending the project timeline. This ensures you meet and exceed client expectations and overcome project challenges without financial hindrance.

Underwriting Support

Leave the complexities of loan processing to us. Finturf and our partnered lenders handle all the logistics, from paperwork to managing credit risks linked to landscape contractor financing.

Service Upgrades

Finturf consistently updates its platform, tools, dashboard, and lending network.

Technical Support and Training

Our dedicated IT team is available round the clock. Additionally, our merchant relationship team offers training and continuous support, ensuring you maximize the benefits of Finturf’s POS solution.

Get Started with Finturf

Elevate your landscaping business with Finturf. Reach out to a Finturf’s POS team member to start the integration process.

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