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Unlock Home Improvement Financing, Unlock Revenue Potential

Unlock Home Improvement Financing, Unlock Revenue Potential

With Finturf, success is built into a one-app financing solution – tap into a diverse network of lenders to offer your clients direct home improvement financing with over 85% approval rates for leasable programs.

For contractors, Finturf is a growth engine, boosting your project sizes and revenue by providing flexible, competitive financing options that cater to various client needs and project sizes. With Finturf, clients gain the freedom to pursue their ideal home improvements sooner, supported by a solution that prioritizes affordability and choice.

Why Choose Finturf for Your Financing Needs?

Expansive Lender Network

Access a vast network of reputable first-, second-, and third-look lenders, ensuring more financing options are available for your clients.

High Approval Rates

Our partnered lenders offer over 85% approval rates for HVAC and water heaters, making home improvement affordable for more of your clients.

Inclusive Credit Solutions

Our lenders cater to a wide range of credit scores with no minimum FICO requirements.

Effortless Loan Management

Let our lenders handle loan processing, underwriting, and funding so you can focus on your core business.

Adaptable Financing Options

With loans up to $100,000, terms up to 15 years, and various promotional offers, our lenders support projects of all sizes.

Competitive Financing Rates

Your clients can benefit from rates as low as 10.95%.

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Key Benefits and Features

One Platform for All Your Needs

Access everything you need through one platform with a single login – application, 24/7 tech support, and a user-friendly interface.

Drive Revenue and Cash Flow

Improve your business’s financial health and growth potential through our tailored financing options.

Boost Competitive Edge and Customer Satisfaction

Stand out in your industry and attract new clients by offering flexible financing solutions.

Increase Ticket Size

Offering financing solutions can lead to higher project values by making larger projects more financially accessible to your clients.

Stage Funding Option

Enjoy financial flexibility with incremental disbursements based on project milestones, improving cash flow and allowing you to manage resources more effectively.

Change Orders Made Easy

Our financing adapts to the unexpected, offering the ability to adjust project scopes and funding seamlessly.

Control Over Financing Costs

Gain full control over your lender relationships and the financing offers displayed to clients. Enjoy the freedom to manage financing costs effectively, with zero costs for lender connections.

Robust Reporting Features

Filter data by requests, location, and salesperson for insights that can help refine your sales strategy and operations.

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