Understanding the Different Types of Consumer Buying Behavior

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Successful marketing campaigns have the most impact on the right target consumers. It is important to understand consumer buying behavior to tailor your marketing strategies in effective ways. We outline the types of buying behavior and how you can create effective marketing strategies.

Introduction to the Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Model

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Looking to save money and time in the competitive retail industry? Consider a direct-to-store delivery distribution model. This strategy can help you deliver goods directly to your consumer base.

How to Measure Customer Loyalty

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Customers are the driving force behind any successful business. Therefore, it is imperative that you understand the factors that influence the buying habits of your consumer base. Measuring customer loyalty is a great way to improve marketing strategies and increase opportunities for growth.

What Is Cross Merchandising and How to Get It Right?

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Cross merchandising is a tactic to boost sales. Items are placed near one another to encourage consumers to purchase them together. Keep reading to learn how to implement this strategy.

What is D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) Marketing in Retail?

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Direct-to-consumer marketing allows companies to control the production and distribution of goods. D2C marketing can be beneficial in various industries. Keep reading to learn whether this is the right choice for your company.

A Beginner’s Guide to Point-of-Sale Advertising

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Point-of-sale (or POS) advertising targets a customer during a purchase to encourage them to buy additional items.

Back from the California Golden State Tattoo Expo

Finturf attended the California Golden State Tattoo Expo earlier this month, and was pleased to meet hundreds of talented professionals in the tattoo industry.

7 Reasons Why Your Business Loses Customers

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There are many reasons why businesses lose customers, from a bad customer experience to lack of advertising. Below are seven reasons why your company may lose customers.

Everything About Buy Now, Pay Later for Business

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We will look at how this financing option can increase conversions, build customer loyalty, and increase average order value for businesses.

How to Encourage the Different Types of Shoppers to Purchase from Your Shop

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Here are the seven different types of shoppers, as well as the best ways to attract them and make a sale.

Brand Positioning Strategies for Business Owners

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One of the fundamentals of building an influential brand is having a solid brand positioning strategy.

How to Calculate Fixed and Variable Costs

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When running a business, there are two types of costs: fixed costs and variable costs. Any alteration in the fixed or variable costs may affect your company's net income and breakeven point. Fixed costs do not shift with the amount of the items produced or sold; however, variable costs do.

New Hire Orientation Checklist for Business Owners

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Orientation is your chance to get new hires excited and motivated about their new role. Here’s how to organize your orientation checklist to make sure your first impression is a good one.

How to Motivate Retail Employees

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Employee motivation is a combination of factors that drives employees to be enthusiastic, committed, and creative while doing their day-to-day tasks. An environment where employees are valued for doing their jobs impacts their productivity, which improves the quality of the provided service. Read on to find out some practical ways for motivating employees in the retail sphere.

5 Merchandising Tips to Increase Sales

Do you want to learn merchandising tips to boost your sales? This article will present five practical strategies of retail merchandising to attract customers.

How to Offer Customer Financing

What do you do with customers that can’t pay for your product or service? Throw them out of your store? A better option is to offer them customer financing.

The Ultimate Guide to Pricing Policy

Searching for a detailed pricing policy guide? Our article will help you understand how to set up prices for products or services and grow your business.

Top 10 Warehouse Organization Ideas

The key to a successful business is having an organized setup. That’s never more true than in the warehouse, the backbone and foundation of a retail business.

8 Ways to Make Your Retail Business Eco-Friendly While Saving Money

Thirty percent of Earth’s total waste comes from the United States, and 20.4% of that waste is made up of goods thrown out by businesses.

Best Jobs for Seniors

Working past the traditional retirement age is more common than ever. According to the 2019 Census, almost 26% of the American workforce is between 65 and 74.