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Published: December 13, 2022, Last Updated: February 2, 2024

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The swimming pool construction industry was worth $9.3 billion as of July 2022, according to IBISWorld. Specifically, the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals says there are over 4.5 million residential inground swimming pools in the U.S.

Are you running a pool business or just taking it off the ground? Pool company marketing and swimming pool advertising ideas can make people aware of your services, engage them, and help them with buying decisions. For example, you can offer consumer financing and implement a seasonal marketing strategy. As a result, you can make significant headway.  

Ensure Your Brand Is Recognizable

According to GlobeNewswire, the global swimming pool market size was $3.6 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach up to $4.2 billion by 2028. So, you may wonder, “What makes a pool brand easily recognizable?” in this fast-growing market?

Overhead view of young adults in pool with floats

First, build a powerful brand identity. The latter reflects the word you spread about your swimming pool business. Moreover, it’s about your values, the way you communicate your product or service, and how you want customers to perceive your brand.

Specifically, many pool companies get stuck building their company branding and imagery for their business. To do this, you need to tell the story behind your pool business. As a result, you’ll give your brand personality and differentiate it from the competition.

Brand recognition or awareness is consumers’ ability to recognize an identifying characteristic of your company compared to your competitors. Such features can include usability and seamless performance of your pool design. And brand recognition, also known as “aided brand recall,” stems from solid brand identity.

As compared, brand positioning is the process of establishing your brand identity in your customers’ minds. So, for example, you can use a price-based position strategy by selling your pool services at a lower price than your competitors.

Specifically, to ensure your brand is recognizable, focus on your company name and logo. For example, you can use a business name generator to pick the right name for your company. Also, you can use a logo maker to create a good logo with the right colors and design. After all, brand colors communicate your brand’s essence.

For instance, Steve Jobs picked white for Apple for two reasons. First, white is the color of purity. Second, white could make the brand stand out from the competition since computer manufacturers mainly used gray at that time. And most pool companies choose blue and white as the most attractive colors.

Continuously Build Your Email Marketing List

Use email marketing to inform your customers on your email list about your new products, services, or discounts. Mailchimp advises businesses to build their email marketing strategy around the following points to avoid a low open rate:

  • Use a relevant and interesting subject line.
  • Target a specific audience instead of a wide variety of subscribers.
  • Avoid sending too many or too few advertisements. Namely, these can be campaigns encouraging customers to make a client card purchase or download a white paper about your pool services.

To build your mailing list, you can ask for your clients’ email addresses online. For instance, you can embed a newsletter signup form in your blogs or insert a link in your social media posts. As a result, people interested in your pool services may sign up to keep up to date with new offers and promotions.

Also, don’t create an email list only for company news and discount codes. Instead, also offer free tips and educational content about pools, swimming, and health.

Create and Execute a Content Marketing Strategy

Include a strong content marketing strategy to attract, engage, and retain customers. Pool marketing can be successful when you create and share relevant media, such as articles, videos, and photos regarding pool installation, services, and benefits.

First, identify your target audience by focusing on demographics, psychographics, and purchase behavior. Then, carry out keyword research using tools like Google Keyword Planner and SEMrush to create relevant and helpful content. For example, you can target keywords like “How much does it cost to install a pool?” “Pool business near me,” and “What are the health benefits of swimming?”

In addition, establish your content marketing goals. For instance, you might want to become the number one pool offering the best pricing in your area.

More specifically, create and execute a content marketing strategy to:

Showcase Your Pool Company’s Unique Benefits

Focus on a unique selling point or proposition (USP). The latter is a well-thought-out statement enabling a business to distinguish itself from the competition in its field.

Overhead view of pool cleaner

Particularly, choose the one trait that separates you from the competition in your space. For example, this can be the most reasonable pricing for high-quality pool services in your area. Then, build content around it. Importantly, don’t sell. Instead, generate exciting and helpful content like blog posts about your product or service benefits.

Focus on Effective Ad Copywriting

Copywriting uses content, such as web pages and ads, to sell or promote a product or service. And what are the essentials of a good ad copy?

  • Simplicity.
  • A catchy headline.
  • A solution to your customer’s problem.
  • Numbers or stats in the headline.
  • A specific call to action (CTA). The latter is a prompt on your copy, such as “Sign Up Today” or “Buy Now,” asking the reader to act.
  • Focus on your product or service benefits.

For example, highlight your role in your community. Specifically, create ad materials about the role your pool plays in people’s lives. For instance, you can choose topics such as “Health benefits of Swimming Every Day” and “Mental Benefits of Swimming.”

Offer Pool Financing for Customers

In 2020, there were about 11,000 businesses in the swimming pool space in the U.S., according to Statista. And the number is projected to make up 12,000 in 2022. Consumer financing can help you fight the competition with success.

How? Customer financing lets customers who lack enough cash enroll in a payment plan for pool services such as installations, renovations, and maintenance. Specifically, financing allows borrowers to start on their pool projects immediately while paying in smaller installments over time. As a result, you can secure more pool installation and renovation projects and enjoy business growth.

For example, with point-of-sale (POS) financing software, you can offer your clients flexible payment options for swimming pool and spa services, such as financing for:

  • Pool repairs
  • Pool and spa installation
  • Pool and spa cleaning
  • Above ground pools

Leverage the Power of Video Advertising

People recall moving images more easily than static ones or text. So, it’s no wonder that video advertising is an adequate pool company marketing strategy. Specifically, video advertising is about using video content to promote your pool services, present a how-to guide about products and services you offer at your pool, share customer testimonials, or stream live events.

For example, you can create video ads about pool installations or repairs, taking into account your target audience.

According to HubSpot, 77% of marketers state their companies use YouTube for sharing videos. Additionally, 36% of marketers focus on video marketing to boost brand awareness and reach new audiences.

Use Social Media to Drive Awareness and Traffic

Brand awareness is about how your brand exists in your customers’ minds. For example, high-quality customer service may make consumers view your pool business as elite, while poor customer service may make them perceive your pool business as one that doesn’t care about customers.

How does social media increase brand awareness and drive traffic? According to “Digital 2022: Global Overview Report,” active social media users worldwide have reached 4.6 billion. Thus, social media has the potential to increase your reach and engage many customers.

Close up on pool business advertising on social media

Specifically, it’s critical to meet your customers where they are. For example, if they prefer Facebook, focus on this platform. In 2021, 87% of marketers used social media to boost web traffic, according to SMExaminer.

In addition, incorporate reviews, social comments, and feedback into your social media content since social proof adds the human voice to your brand experience. Moreover, pick the most effective time to post social content. 

Make Use of Seasonal Marketing Opportunities

With seasonal marketing, your pool business can increase promotional offers during holidays like Independence Day.  As a result, you can increase your sales and gain new customers during the summer months.

When creating a seasonal marketing campaign, spread the word beforehand and use social media to inform your audience. This way, you can create excitement around your seasonal offerings.

For example, give your customers exclusive offers and early access deals. Namely, peak seasons for pool companies are associated with summer, when people are constantly swimming, and the off-season time when replacements happen. 

Establish Your Reputation with Good Customer Service

How does good customer service improve reputation? Satisfied customers are more inclined to speak well of your company and leave positive reviews and comments. More importantly, good customer service increases customer loyalty.

How do you establish good customer service? Provide a fast solution to your customer’s problem through rapid response. In addition, a 2020 study by Toister Performance Solutions reveals that almost one-third of customers expect companies to respond to emails in one hour or less.

  • Collect customer feedback to identify consumers’ specific needs and deliver personalized solutions to them. Did you know the more questions a survey has, the less time customers spend answering each, according to Survey Monkey?
  • Focus on the three Ps of customer service: professionalism, patience, and a people-first attitude. First, be professional even with upset customers and represent your brand in a positive light. Second, be patient and listen to your customer. Third, build a good relationship with every single customer.

As a result, you’ll avoid losing many customers. After all, poor customer service and dissatisfaction are among the most significant reasons businesses lose customers.

Sum Up

Pool company marketing is critical for creating a public presence for your business. Important marketing tactics, such as content marketing and customer financing, can increase your company’s value and boost brand awareness. Also, they can help your company build trust and authority in consumers’ eyes and enlarge your customer base. This way, you can grow your business and take it to new heights.

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