Product Spotlight: Merchant Platform Features

Published by Anais Osipova at March 24, 2023, Last Updated at February 2, 2024

Finturf’s merchant tools and dashboard have been designed with flexibility and control in mind, giving our partnered merchants the freedom to tailor our proprietary technology and platform to fit their unique needs.

Here are some of the exclusive features offered on Finturf’s merchant dashboard:

  • Add custom roles and control access levels
  • Filter financing offers that are presented to your consumers or clients
  • Customize our platform to fit your branding
  • Integrate multiple form options
  • Include multiple locations, each with a different bank account
  • Monitor consumer financing metrics with reporting tools and custom timelines
  • View the list of lenders and sign up with specific providers
  • Check application details and statuses
  • List business licenses

Custom Roles

Finturf’s merchant portal includes predefined roles, including administrators, managers, and sales personnel. However, merchants can tailor their users by adding custom roles, such as marketers, accountants, or dispute managers. For added oversight and flexibility, you can also control each user’s permissions. Based on the type of role, you can limit or expand access levels.

Filtered Offers

Partnered merchants also have the freedom to control the financing offers that are displayed to their customers or clients. Merchants can set up custom filters based on the monthly payment amount, merchant fee, APR range, and financing term. Based on your custom filters, consumers will only be offered financing options that fit your specified criteria.

White Labeling

Partnered merchants have the option to completely revamp Finturf’s platform to their branding.

With our white-label capabilities, merchants can fully customize their consumer or client-facing experience. Our team will redesign the dashboard and request form with your logo, color scheme, and design elements.

API Integrations

We also offer custom API integrations, allowing partnered merchants the option to connect their front-end software to our back-end processing system and lending network. As a result, your customers and clients are not limited to submitting their applications through Finturf’s platform. Instead, we can white-label the request form hosted on your website, allowing your consumers and clients to submit requests directly from your site. With our API integration, these requests will automatically be routed to Finturf’s lenders and your merchant dashboard.

Locations and Bank Accounts

If you operate multiple locations, you can add each one to your merchant portal with a unique point of contact, bank account, and license. Each location can have a different bank account associated with it, helping you better manage your finances.

Analytics and Reporting Tools

Finturf’s merchant dashboard gives you complete control and visibility into your analytics and reporting tools. Partnered merchants can view the following metrics:

  • Average approval rate
  • Number of approved transactions
  • Average financed amount
  • Total financed amount
  • Application statutes, including approved, declined, and pending
  • Average number of applications and financed amount by user

Merchants can filter reports for a specific period of time, including daily, weekly, and monthly analytics.

Lender List

Partnered merchants can also view a list of lenders in Finturf’s network and choose which financing providers to work with. You’ll have access to the following information for each lender:

  • Credit limit, including the minimum and maximum funding amounts
  • Maximum term
  • Minimum APR
  • Minimum merchant fee
  • Consumer credit score ranges

Application Status

In addition to the visibility offered through reporting analytics and lender offers, merchants can also track application statuses. As mentioned previously, merchants can view approved, pending, and declined applications. However, you can dive deeper into the following metrics:

  • Consumer or client’s requested amount
  • Salesperson associated with the application
  • Application creation and update dates
  • Consumer or client’s preapproved offers, including amounts, number of payments, deposit amounts, and payment frequency
  • The offer the consumer or client chose and was approved for, including the approved amount and term
  • Date the contract was signed
  • Confirmation and date of job completion
  • Confirmation and date the funds were released
  • The bank account the funds were sent to


Finally, merchants operating in industries that require licensing can add the applicable information to their merchant portals. You can add multiple licenses, including medical and general contractor license numbers, expiration dates, the industry, and issuing state. Specific licenses can then be attached to each location. Adding your business’s licensing information can help streamline the underwriting process for faster approval.

Anais Osipova

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