Finturf Empowers Chiropractors to Approve 100% of Patient Financing Applications

Published by Anais Osipova at June 5, 2023, Last Updated at February 1, 2024

Finturf is proud to announce its partnerships with a diverse range of financing providers catering to the chiropractic and neuropathic industries. With these partnerships, we’re committed to introducing more flexible and patient-friendly financing options. These enhancements not only ease access to necessary care for patients but also pave the way for providers to expand their practices.

At the heart of this mission is our waterfall algorithm, which is designed to boost approval rates and offer higher credit limits. This technology benefits patients seeking care and empowers providers to bolster their patient support, bridging the gap between financing and healthcare needs.

Financing options offered through our waterfall algorithm include:

  • Lines of credit up to $25,000
  • 100% approval programs available
  • Low APR
  • Same-as-cash programs available

The advantage of these partnerships is twofold. For patients, it means broader access to vital healthcare services. With financial constraints eased, more individuals can receive the chiropractic and neuropathy treatments they need. For chiropractors, it translates to the opportunity to treat a greater number of patients and, in turn, boost their practice’s revenue.

We are excited to extend our services to cover both chiropractic and neuropathy treatments, widening the spectrum of care available for patients. By enabling a broader range of services, we are not just addressing patient needs but also fostering the growth of practices. It’s a winning situation for patients seeking treatment and providers aiming to expand their reach.

“Our innovative approach to patient financing for chiropractors is set to revolutionize access to essential care. At Finturf, we empower providers and offer flexible options, transforming the landscape of healthcare financing. We are excited about the positive impact we will make,” said Chrissy Rico, Finturf’s Partnership Success Manager.

About Us

Finturf is a multi-lender, point-of-sale (POS) solution designed to streamline the financing process for service providers and their clients. With a multi-lender platform, we provide more opportunities for quick, hassle-free financing. Our POS platform is designed to boost service providers’ revenue, customer acquisition efforts, and market presence.

As an all-in-one, turnkey financing solution, Finturf offers seamless integration for service providers new to POS while also providing full customizability. Our proprietary technology can be tailored to confidently address clients’ financing needs, improving accessibility to healthcare while keeping it affordable. Our goal is simple: to provide responsive, reliable, and reputable POS solutions to service providers and their clients. With a merchant success team at hand, we guide new providers into patient financing, with resources like our guide on How to Offer Financing to a Patient.

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