Finturf Unveils Full Range of Lenders for Medical and Home Improvement Merchants

Published by Anais Osipova at August 9, 2023, Last Updated at February 1, 2024

Finturf is thrilled to announce the expansion of its lender portfolio for home improvement and medical merchants. The expanded roster now includes notable lenders such as Watercress, Breeze, Varidi, Microf, Okinus, TGUC Financial, and Eve Financial, among others. 

With the release of Finturf’s full spectrum of lenders, partnered merchants in the home improvement and medical sectors can increase sales, client acquisition, and revenue.

Merchants partnered with Finturf benefit from zero fees, 100% guarantee programs, and among the highest approval rates, including 80% or above in many verticals. Finturf offers robust financing amounts of up to $100,000, extended financing terms of up to 15 years, and competitive rates beginning at 10.99%. 

These attractive options give merchants an enhanced ability to cater to a diverse clientele, subsequently increasing their client acquisition potential and boosting sales.

“Unlocking growth for merchants is our passion, and with the launch of our expanded lender spectrum, Finturf is taking that commitment to new heights. Our unmatched approval rates and flexible financing terms set the stage for merchants to excel and expand,” said Chrissy Rico, Partnership Success Manager at Finturf. 

Finally, Finturf’s waterfall algorithm broadens the financing journey for clients. By integrating first, second, and third-look lenders into a singular application process, the system accommodates clients with varying credit scores, maximizing the possibility for approval rates.

With its full spectrum of lenders, Finturf is empowering merchants to close more sales and fuel growth. To learn more about our offerings and how you can become a partnered merchant, please visit

Anais Osipova

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