Product Spotlight: Lender Features

Published by Anais Osipova at May 31, 2023, Last Updated at February 1, 2024

Welcome to the world of modern financing, where Finturf plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of point-of-sale (POS) lending.

As a lender on our platform, you are plugged into a vibrant ecosystem that not only drives substantial lead volume but also empowers you with the tools necessary to streamline operations, garner more customers, and extend your lending products across an extensive network of diversified merchants and service providers.

Join us as we delve into Finturf’s lender-centric offerings and discover how our platform is an end-to-end financing solution.

Lender Features

Here are some of the exclusive features offered to Finturf’s partnered lenders:

Merchant Underwriting

Finturf offers a comprehensive merchant underwriting solution that addresses the needs of lenders in the ever-changing financial industry. Our expert team of professionals has over 15 years of underwriting and risk assessment experience. They focus on conducting in-depth know-your-customer (KYC) checks, merchant risk verifications, and principal risk verifications to provide lenders with accurate and reliable information.

Lenders seeking to enhance or replace their existing systems can integrate Finturf’s merchant underwriting service, streamlining the underwriting process and improving overall efficiency.

Ongoing Monitoring

Finturf actively manages ongoing merchant monitoring and risk reviews for lenders, ensuring up-to-date merchant verifications, licensing, public records, and other risk attributes.

Our team will re-verify merchants on a scheduled basis, determined by our lenders. If there are verification issues with the merchant, Finturf will notify and automatically deactivate them.

Merchant Scorecard

Finturf creates a merchant scorecard, which provides a comprehensive evaluation of each merchant’s risk profile. As a result, lenders can understand merchant-related risks in a single snapshot.

Lenders can also develop their own scorecards, including custom risk scorecards, to monitor the performance of their merchant channels effectively. This feature allows lenders to maintain accurate merchant risk assessments.

Merchant Portal

Finturf’s merchant tools and dashboard offer flexibility and control, allowing merchants the ability to tailor the platform to their unique needs.

Key features include custom roles and access levels, filtered financing offers, a single application, soft credit pulls, multi-lender waterfall, API integrations, support for multiple locations and bank accounts, advanced analytics and reporting tools, a lender list to choose providers, and application status tracking.

These features enable merchants to streamline operations, maintain brand identity, and efficiently manage their financing activities.

For a deeper dive into the merchant portal, check out our merchant product spotlight.

Sales and Support Tools

Finturf’s sales and support tools offer a range of functionalities to assist lenders in efficiently managing their operations. By accessing Finturf’s admin portal, lenders can view applications, monitor merchant sign-ups, manage accounting, file tickets, update merchant information, assign lending programs, and adjust merchant fees.

These tools provide lenders with a centralized platform to effectively oversee various aspects of their business, ensuring seamless operation and enhanced customer support.

Multi-Lender Waterfall

Finturf’s innovative multi-lender waterfall algorithm ensures efficient lead conversion by implementing a ping tree with a hierarchical arrangement of lenders and financing providers. When an applicant is not connected to a first-look provider, Finturf’s system routes the application to second and third-look financers.

Finturf’s network includes lenders and financing providers offering various payment options, including direct-to-consumer loans, 100% approval options, merchant self-financing, installment loans, low-APR loans, personal loans, lines of credit, and more.

This process maximizes the chances of successful loan matches and enables lenders to generate commission from leads. Finturf’s multi-lender waterfall algorithm effectively optimizes lead conversion, benefiting both lenders and borrowers.

Consumer Experience

Lenders working with Finturf have the option to control the consumer experience or work with our team to build a custom merchant-facing experience.

With a custom solution, Finturf will handle the API integrations on the merchant’s website, manage links sent to consumers, and oversee SMS and email communications.

Additionally, Finturf manages the online application process, ensuring a seamless financing journey for customers.


Finturf takes a meticulous approach to handling funding for lenders, ensuring the accuracy and security of the transactions. The platform verifies customer information before funding the merchant, including job completion verification and bank account information, to maintain transparency and minimize risk.

Additionally, Finturf verifies the merchant’s banking information, allowing for a seamless and direct fund transfer process.

Branded Lender Support

Finturf offers an array of white-labeling tools and features that enable merchants and lenders to provide a fully customized platform. By developing both the front- and back end, Finturf creates a seamless experience tailored to the lender’s brand identity.

Additionally, Finturf facilitates API integrations, offers customer service under the lender’s brand, and provides a dedicated phone number and email with the lender’s domain. These white-labeling solutions empower lenders to maintain a consistent brand presence while delivering exceptional services.

Complaint Management Support and Reporting

Finturf offers complaint management support and reporting solutions to help lenders address consumer concerns effectively. In the event of a consumer complaint regarding a merchant’s service(s), Finturf steps in with resources and expertise to facilitate a resolution.

By providing such support, Finturf significantly reduces the complaint management burden on lenders, allowing them to focus on their core business operations while ensuring a satisfactory resolution for all parties involved.

Lead Generation

Finturf’s lead generation features focus on providing lenders with high-quality, pre-qualified, and pre-approved leads, enhancing the efficiency of their loan origination process. By leveraging Finturf’s advanced tools and data-driven approach, lenders can also access exclusive leads tailored to their specific requirements.

This targeted lead generation ensures that lenders can focus their resources on viable financing opportunities, ultimately optimizing their lending operations and driving business growth.

Need a full end-to-end point-of-sale loan origination system? We can handle that too.

Finturf partners with Plat.AI to offer the following turnkey financing solutions:

Underwriting Risk-Decision AI 

Finturf also delivers an efficient decision-making and full underwriting tool for lenders, streamlining the loan origination process.

The underwriting risk-decision AI can either handle the underwriting process or serve as a lead prequalification tool if the lender has an existing underwriting process. For lenders, Plat.AI acts as a decision-making engine, facilitating hard inquiries, as well as identity and income verifications. Also, it provides offer and promotion generation, real-time verification through credit bureaus, and loan agreements, and we can post all this information to servicing companies. 

The risk-decision AI is a purpose-built loan origination solution, allowing lenders to offer POS loans using Finturf’s controlled environment.

Loan Origination

Finturf streamlines the loan origination process for lenders by conducting thorough consumer financing verifications and generating loan offers. With a focus on accuracy and efficiency, Finturf performs a soft pull on the consumer’s credit to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the borrower’s financial profile. 


Finturf establishes clear stipulations for consumers seeking financing to maintain compliance and trust in the lending process.

Finturf employs knock-out variables to decrease default rates. This approach allows lenders to confidently provide financing options while maintaining the highest standards of compliance and security.

Model Building

In partnership with Plat.AI, Finturf offers lenders an innovative model-building tool that leverages artificial intelligence to streamline the consumer application filtering and offer origination process. By automatically analyzing and filtering consumer applications based on the data collected from borrowers, the AI model enables lenders to efficiently identify viable financing candidates. 

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