Watercress Financial and Finturf Join Forces to Offer Homeowners More Financing Options

Published by Anais Osipova at March 30, 2023, Last Updated at June 27, 2023

Watercress Financial and Finturf have partnered to offer homeowners a wider range of financing options for home improvement projects. This new collaboration will fully integrate Watercress Financial’s financing products into the Finturf network, enabling contractors to offer flexible payment options to their clients.

With Watercress Financial’s low-cost and transparent funding options, contractors can provide their clients with comprehensive payment options, improving satisfaction and increasing the likelihood of closing sales. Moreover, Finturf’s innovative, accessible, and affordable point-of-sale financing solutions enable homeowners to access multiple lenders, including Watercress Financial, to finance their home improvement projects.

As a result of this partnership, Finturf will now be able to offer a full suite of home improvement financing options that are expected to see approval rates of 80% or higher in many verticals. This move is set to have a significant impact on the home improvement financing market, with homeowners benefiting from the increased range of funding options.

The partnership between Watercress Financial and Finturf is set to expand the reach of home improvement financing options and enable contractors to close more sales with greater ease. This will benefit homeowners planning home improvement projects, as they will have access to a wider range of loan products and financing options, which will enable them to fund their projects in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

To learn more about Finturf’s partnership with Watercress, please read the full press release.

Anais Osipova

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