10 HVAC Marketing Strategies to Drive More Business and Leads

Published by Martha Pierson at October 24, 2022

Did you know the first air conditioning system wasn’t designed for homes? American engineer Willis Carrier invented the first AC unit in 1902 to protect his papers from humidity in his publishing house.

Today, the need for smart heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems is growing worldwide.

If you’re an owner of an HVAC business, proper HVAC marketing strategies can help you move your business to the next level by driving more sales and leads. Specifically, HVAC marketing is about creating, communicating, and delivering messages about heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems. As a result, it helps you capture the attention of your target audience.

According to IBISWorld, as of September 2022, the HVAC market size makes up $123 billion. So, let’s see what HVAC marketing ideas you can use to grow your business. 

Set the Right Price

Professional repairing HVAC unit

Price your products strategically to maximize profit. Specifically, it’s critical to conduct market research to set the right price for your HVAC system. It’ll help you determine the right pricing policy based on demand, price ranges, and competitor analysis.

For example, according to Amazon and Walmart, an average new air handling unit costs between $700 and $5,600. Specifically, the quality of the unit is the main factor determining the price.  

Notably, a basic model costs around $500, and a premium air handler costs $3,500. Mostly, people pay about $700 to $1,500 for a new air handler without installation.

Offer HVAC Customer Financing

In the 1940s, a window air conditioner cost roughly $350, which is about $3,500 in today’s dollars. With rising costs, some of your customers may lack the necessary financial resources to buy an HVAC system.

Thankfully, you can offer them the increasingly popular buy now, pay later (BNPL) payment method, using it as one of your HVAC marketing strategies.

BNPL, as customer financing, allows buyers to purchase an HVAC system without paying the entire amount upfront. Instead, they can pay for it in smaller installments. So, what should you do to offer your customers HVAC Financing?

  • First, look for a reliable point-of-sale (POS) financing platform.
  • Use the platform to request funding for your customer.
  • The platform will send the financing request to its lending partners.
  • A financing provider may accept the request and approve your customer for a loan, line of credit, or another type of funding.
  • You’ll receive the financing within three to five business days after the approval.
  • As a result, you’ll convert more customers at checkout and increase your sales.

Host a Contest

Young adult entering online sweepstakes for HVAC

According to Statista, the global HVAC market is forecast to make up around $367.5 billion by 2030. So how can you fight the competition? Consider hosting a product contest on social media.

Specifically, start by choosing your prize, promoting your contest in advance, and collaborating with an influencer if you’d like. After picking the winner, track and optimize the contest information.

For example, you can hold a contest for a thermally driven air conditioning system, which is among the latest HVAC technology solutions on the market. Specifically, it provides energy-efficient cooling, and consumers can use it as an alternative to traditional air conditioners.

A contest, as a marketing tool, can help you engage customers. And engaged customers are more valuable to businesses in terms of profitability, revenue, and relationship growth than average customers. In addition, it allows you to interact with your customers and collect the names and contact information of those who have signed up for the contest.

Google can help you implement your AC advertising ideas. Specifically, build targeted HVAC ads using Google Ads to generate more leads from qualified and local customers. Google Ads and Local Service Ads are highly effective steps to market your HVAC business. Specifically:

  • Google Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) marketing platform. It enables you to customize a unique message to more successfully target your customers based on specific keywords, audience demographics, and geographic areas. For example, you can use popular keywords such as “types of HVAC systems” or “best HVAC companies near me.”
  • Google Local Service Ads are offered in specific areas and not for all industries. And HVAC is among the few sectors that can use this marketing tactic. Specifically, these ads appear whenever a customer searches for a specific keyword, e.g., “air conditioner repair near me.” So, you increase your chances of bringing your product in front of your consumers.

So, it bridges the gap between you and people searching on Google for the services you offer. After typing a keyword, your HVAC ad will appear at the top of Google’s search results. You’ll pay money only if the customer clicks on the ad.

Partner With Local Businesses

Partnering with local businesses is another HVAC marketing strategy. Unfortunately, many business owners often overlook the importance of joining associations and organizations in the field.

For example, consider joining local groups and attending conferences. In addition, HVAC associations often organize regular meetings where members can network. As a result, you can meet other professionals, find new ideas for growth, and reach possible clients.

Specifically, the Air Conditioning Trade Association (ACTA) and Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) are associations to consider.

Write a Blog Series

HVAC professional writing blog

SEO blogging is one of the top HVAC marketing strategies. Specifically, search engine optimization (SEO) blogging is about writing content to rank on Google’s first page. For this, you need to research relevant keywords, write high-quality content, and optimize your content for SEO purposes.

Optimization is about writing content in a way that it reaches as many target customers as possible. Namely, optimization is based on using relevant keywords and links.

Specifically, write about HVAC-related topics that matter to consumers. As a result, you can build your brand voice, credibility, and authority in your local market.

For example, build your content around the following top keywords “what is HVAC?” “HVAC cost,” “HVAC design,” “heating and cooling services,” “air conditioning services,” or “air conditioners near me.”

Write and Place Op-Eds

According to Energy.gov,  three million heating and cooling systems are replaced in the U.S. every year. Such demand for new HVAC systems means maintenance and repair activities will also increase.

So, what other marketing tactics can you use to stand out in the HVAC systems market? Writing op-eds can be an answer. An op-ed stands for “opposite the editorial page.” It’s an article providing information regarding a specific industry or area of expertise. For example, a malfunctioning thermostat may be one of your customers’ top problems. Consider writing an op-ed to share tips on how to solve the problem.

When writing, make sure your article is less than 700 words long. In addition, publish the op-ed where readers can easily access the educational content, such as on your website.

Produce a Video Showcasing Your Work

Online video viewership is on the rise. That’s why 99% of marketers already using video marketing are planning to use it more. Specifically, video marketing helps you promote and market your HVAC products and services, boost engagement on your online and social media channels, educate your customers, and increase your customer base.

Video marketing is quite helpful for HVAC companies because it allows you to visually describe and explain how your customers can keep their home systems running smoothly. Delivering valuable information can also help you increase your brand’s trustworthiness and show you’re attentive to your customers’ needs.

Consider making quick how-to videos for easy maintenance projects. Then, post this content on the social media platforms your customers prefer. Finally, choose relevant hashtags to expand your reach.

Importantly, when posting your videos, upload a video to a platform directly. For instance, avoid posting a YouTube video on Facebook. Otherwise, you can’t optimize your content and engage your customers effectively.

Retain Your Customers

HVAC client signing paperwork

Reaching new customers isn’t enough: you need to work on retaining your existing customers. Though it’s common for businesses to lose customers, you can take specific steps to decrease the likelihood of this occurrence. Specifically, the average American company loses 23% to 30% of its customers each year because of a lack of customer loyalty, according to SEMrush.

Namely, you should allocate a significant part of your HVAC marketing budget to keeping your existing clients happy. For example, focus on solving their problems. For instance, help them get rid of water leaks, which is a common HVAC problem.

In addition, offer seasonal specials like discounts or free service upgrades. Moreover, you can schedule maintenance checks or filter replacements. And remember that quality products make 77% of customers stay loyal to a brand, according to SEMrush.

Lastly, deliver excellent customer service. Poor customer service is one of the main reasons consumers will go to your competitors. Specifically, train your sales staff to identify and professionally address your customers’ needs. Also, conduct surveys to get direct feedback and improve customer service.

According to SEMrush, 89% of companies consider excellent customer service a significant factor in customer retention.

Hold a Workshop or Seminar

HVAC industry-related classes, seminars, and workshops are another helpful marketing strategy. By delivering educational seminars and workshops, you can spread the word about your business, obtain new customers, and become an expert in the field.

For example, you can talk about “How to Reduce Energy Usage,” which is a widespread problem. But how do you prepare for a workshop or seminar?

  • First, define the overall objective of your presentation.
  • Next, decide whether you’re offering an educational seminar for your current customers or a workshop for new prospects.
  • Then, create the presentation content.
  • Finally, choose a proper venue and date. For example, you can select business or alumni associations, a local chamber of commerce, or even a LinkedIn group.

Importantly, get the word out about your event. Specifically, you can promote it on your social media channels.

Sum Up

Proper HVAC marketing strategies can help you differentiate your HVAC business from competitors. Specifically, deploy helpful HVAC marketing tactics such as creating educational content and showcasing your product value to consumers through video marketing. As a result, you’ll significantly boost your chances of success.

Martha Pierson

Editor-in-ChiefMartha is Editor-in-Chief at Finturf.com. Her career began in 2003 when she started as an investment banking analyst. Martha continued her career path as a financial advisor for investments. She has a passion for writing and is mainly focused on covering financial and business management topics.

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